Kourtney Kardashian Broke Her Engagement Ring


If you’ve been tuning into Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” then you know a large portion of the show centers on Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s relationship. From documenting their entire engagement on the beach in Montecito, CA, to revealing snippets of their IVF journey, there’s not much kept under wraps, which is why it’s no surprise to fans to see the drama surrounding Kardashian’s engagement ring in episode five.

In one of the first scenes, Kris Jenner visits Kardashian’s house and stares at her daughter’s left hand, which she is meticulously shielding with her right. “Where’s the ring?” Jenner asks. Kardashian reveals that she took off her ring while folding sweatshirts, putting it on the floor beside her, and accidentally stepped on it after reaching for something in her closet, breaking the sparkler.

At the time the episode was filmed, Kardashian had sent the broken ring to the jeweler to be fixed. “I was hysterically crying in my closet for, like, hours, and then I called Travis. I was like, ‘I did something really, really bad.’ And he handled it the best, but it really gave me, like, a nervous breakdown. I was like, this is the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever had in my life, and how could I have done that?”

Kardashian’s oval-shaped diamond is set on a thin, micro-pavé band and estimated to be around eight to 10 carats. It costs upward of approximately $500,000 and potentially close to $1 million, according to Ultimate Diamond owner Bill Kung. Kardashian talks about its sentimental value in the episode, saying, “Travis picked it out himself, he designed it, he looked at so many stones, and this was like me in a stone, so I thought that was really special.”

It’s unclear how long it took for the ring to be fixed, though we have seen the Poosh founder wearing the sparkler on Instagram and on the red carpet recently.

Ahead, see Kardashian proudly showing off her engagement ring before and after the accident.


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