The 22 Best Raffia Bags Fashion Girls Wear All the Time


As anyone who’s ever carried around a heavy leather bag in the summer will tell you, it just doesn’t feel right. For the most part, the rest of our spring and summer wardrobes are light and breezy, so shouldn’t the same apply to our bags? I, for one, think it should. But in the past, one of the most summer-friendly bag styles was primarily carried on vacation and at the beach. That style is raffia bags and their use has shifted.

Raffia bags are undoubtedly a trend this season, but they’re never really out of style—they’ve just been seen as more of a beach bag in the past. But I’ve noticed that recently, people have been carrying raffia bags as their everyday handbags. It might have something to do with the fact that brands have been designing more and more creative, elevated takes on the style, and at price points as varied as Zara and Prada. 

Scroll on to shop some of the internet’s chicest raffia bags, and see how fashion girls are styling them.


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