Winter Wedding 2021: 4 Legit Hacks Brides Can Stay Warm In Style

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After everyone’s best-loved reel character Phoebe Buffay tied the knot at a magical snow-surrounded altar, romantic women wished for nothing else but a WINTER WEDDING. And why not? Celebrating the romance in winter when nature shows its most spectacular side sounds like a dream.

However, as real life is wholly different from a reel, winters brides may feel a little nervous about flaunting their wedding dresses in voguish style. But dreamers, stop worrying about sacrificing your fashion dreams as we have a perfect solution for you to stay warm yet winsome on your best day. Here are the legit hacks!

Wear Warm Leggings

As most brides plump for long wedding dresses and gowns, warm leggings are a perfect way to beat the winter’s chill. We highly suggest fleece-lined leggings or thermal leggings for tremendous warmth along with comfort. 

Fret not, with fit and flare wedding dresses; no one can have a hint that you are wearing leggings underneath. You can even present pairs of warm leggings to your bridesmaids as a token of love and care.

Snap Up Fur Stall Or Coat

Fur coats or stalls are a timeless winter trend. Pairing the ‘ONE’ with your wedding dress with sleeves not only adds charm to your appearance but also provides enough warmth.

The choice of fur coat or stall should depend on the color of your wedding outfit. While you can play with a ‘mix & match’ color game, nothing matches the grace of a white fur coat paired with a white floral wedding dress of your choice.

white floral wedding dress

Don’t Forget Snow Boots

Forget the heels and sneakers. Instead, high-quality snow boots worn underneath your unique wedding dress will help you feel warm. This way, you can also fulfill your dream of dolling up in a short wedding dress without any stress.

Pro Tip: Go for white snow boots with a white sequin wedding dress to create a trailblazing bridal statement in winter 2021.

Opt For Armed Length Gloves

Another chic way to stay warm on your cold D-day is to wear gloves with your wedding gown if it is sleeveless. Make sure the color of the gloves resembles the color of the gown to avoid looking tacky.

The hack will best go with lace mermaid wedding dresses and will help you look like a royal highness. So, go for it without a second thought. 

lace mermaid wedding dresses

In The End

A winter wedding is like a heavenly date. You can dress like an angel while crushing the winter cold in style with the above-mentioned tips and tricks. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your dream wedding dress and start finding the needful winter accessories now to be ready to make your D-day talk of the town.

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