The Post-Treatment Recovery Complex Experts Love

The Post-Treatment Recovery Complex Experts Love

If you’ve ever undergone an in-office skin treatment, you’re likely already aware that your skin is in a compromised state post-procedure. Regardless of the treatment you’ve tried, you might be slightly red, swollen, or irritated afterward, so your skin will need extra TLC while in such a sensitive state.

“The whole premise of in-office skin treatments—whether it be chemical peel, microneedling, or any type of laser device—is to chemically or mechanically disrupt the skin barrier in order to stimulate our skin to rejuvenate itself,” explains chief medical director of Benev, Richard Jin, MD. “You want to protect the integrity of the skin by making sure it is well-moisturized after the procedure, and there are several post-treatment products that can be applied topically to not only moisturize, but enhance and speed up the healing process, too.”

In order to facilitate your skin’s recovery in the most effective way possible, you’ll want to use a product that your doctor recommends and trusts. The latest option experts are loving? Exosomes.

What are exosomes?

According to Dr. Jin, exosomes are nanoparticles within a cell that act as messengers for cell-to-cell communication. “They contain RNA, growth factors, and cytokines,” he clarifies. “In essence, they basically tell neighboring cells what to do and how to do it.” More specifically for the skin, exosomes stimulate both collagen and elastin production when applied topically, resulting in improved skin texture and quality, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

“With exosomes, they encourage those healing cells to come into the [treated] area more efficiently,” adds Houston dermatologist Suneel Chilukuri, MD. “Also, exosomes can help regulate an anti-inflammatory response.” This means that after you get a procedure done and the exosomes are applied, you won’t have as much inflammation, redness, or swelling post-treatment.

In order to incorporate exosomes into your post-procedure routine, many patients opt for a topical called Benev Exosome Regenerative Complex (ERC). Per Dr. Jin, this innovative product has been clinically shown to stimulate both collagen and elastin in dermal fibroblasts, exert an anti-inflammatory effect, and shorten downtime by speeding up the recovery process. As a bonus, this product also includes hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, and other skin-boosting ingredients for added nourishment.

Unsurprisingly, providers are seeing incredible results from patients who incorporate Benev Exosome Regenerative Complex into their post treatment downtime. “I, as well as several of my colleagues, see tremendous improvement with the incorporation of the Benev Exosome Regenerative Complex, both during in-office skin treatments as well as post-recovery treatments,” confirms Dr. Jin. With such great outcomes, it’s certainly worth giving exosome-based products a try. So next time you head into your provider’s office for a skin treatment, consult with your physician about exosomes.