5 Reasons to Try Feather Dresses This Season

5 Reasons to Try Feather Dresses This Season

As times are changing, fashion trends are evolving in unique ways. Gone are the days when a particular trend would stay on top for ages; the fashion industry has become dynamic at present. Keeping that in mind, let’s talk about feather fashion. For a long time now, feathered dresses have been on and off the trend charts. They are a ground-breaking runway attire but not much preferred when it comes to real-life events. 

However, most people aren’t aboard for feathered dresses – no matter how gorgeous they are. Both short feather dresses and long feather dresses are perfect for almost every type of occasion – formal, semi-formal, or even casual. 

Here are the reasons to give feather dresses 2024 a try:

Whether you have noticed it or not, feather dresses are extremely chic. You can wear them in both dark and light shades and it would still make you look elegant as ever. That is why they are so perfect for every occasion, whether it is a formal office party or a cocktail party. In fact, the history of feather fashion states that they were a sign of luxury and wealth. That way, feather dresses are more like a classic trend making a strong comeback in 2024.

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  • They’re Comfortable 

Feather dresses are generally quite comfortable because they are made from soft viscose fabrics which have an extremely smooth texture. In fact, they might look big and poofy, but feather party dresses are quite easy to carry because the fabric is lightweight as well. Most importantly, feather outfits are low-maintenance in spite of being high-fashion items. Why? That’s because it does not wrinkle easily. You can wear the same feather gown for two nights in a row at different parties without going through any steaming or ironing. 

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  • Suitable for All Seasons

The versatility of feather cocktail dresses and feather evening gowns deserves special mention. They are so unique and edgy that you can look trendy throughout the year. All you need to do is check the inside fabric. Usually, feathers are fluffy and soft,  which can give a similar look and feel like wool during winter (except the heaviness) and yet look light and breezy in summer. But,  determining the inside fabric that stays in contact with your skin is also important. The preferable choices are satin, sateen, silk or pure cotton, depending on the season. 

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  • They are Statement Makers

Undoubtedly, feather dresses are statement makers. Events like the Met Gala, Red Carpet Awards or Golden Globes always witness some of our favourite A-list celebrities in feather outfits. It gives them the edge to stand apart from the crowd and have the spotlight follow them throughout the evening. Remember the Jenner sisters at the 2019 Met Gala? Iconic. 

In fact, it is such a celebrated trend that some celebrities carry matching feather boas with their dresses to look stylishly wild. You can shop for feather prom dresses and feather homecoming dresses to look like the most fashionable star at these events. 

  • Perfect for All Body Types

It is another amazing fact about feather dresses that they are friendly for all figures. Whether you are a plus size or a size XS, it will make you look graceful either way. Firstly, feather dresses create an interesting illusion that takes the attention away from the contours of your body, and secondly, they add a distinctive volume to your figure, thus acting as a figure enhancer. 

There is a wide range of feather formal dresses available in the latest collections of many celebrated designers. Since feather fashion is such a flattering trend, you can also shop for feather wedding dresses in 2024. It will not make you look like a traditional or mainstream bride, and that is something most women aim at – being a modern 2024 bridie!

Happy shopping!