Circle Earrings: Everything You Need to Know

gold circle earrings

Gold Circle earrings are one of the most popular earrings ever. These earrings are a timeless classic for ladies of all ages, with a following that stretches from the 1960s through the 1990s and is now stronger than ever.

Circle earrings are one of the lightest pieces of jewelry you can wear, but they hold a lot of weight. Circle earrings are one of the earliest ornaments in human history, and they have various cultural significance.

circle earrings

Circle earrings, which kings and queens historically wore to symbolize power and social rank, are today seen as a symbol of togetherness and strength. Circle earrings are like the strong ladies that wear them, stand out.

History of Circle Earrings

Circles have existed for practically as long as humans. Both men and women have worn the renowned look, from ancient Egyptians to American-style icons. 

Ancient Greeks, Romans, Asians, and Egyptians all wore circle earrings. What originated as a means of identifying tribe members evolved into religious and power symbols among communities.

Around 2500 B.C.E, the earliest gold circle earrings that dangle appeared in Nubia, located in what is now Sudan. Gold, silver, and bronze were used to make the ear ornaments. Tapered gold circle earrings became popular in numerous cultures around the world around 1000 B.C.E.

Egyptian men and women wore beautiful circles on their ears in 1500 B.C.E. Earrings were constructed with twisted gold wire and beads because they believed they increased a person’s appearance. To demonstrate their wealth and authority, royal Egyptians wore large and thick gold circles.

Circle earrings were popular in ancient Rome and Greece, as evidenced by art. Ladies mostly wore circle earrings, but males with high social positions occasionally wore them as well. For example, carvings from ancient Persia show soldiers wearing a single circle earring in each ear.

Journey Back in Time to the 1600s

During the 1600s, in-ear jewelry became less popular in Europe. This was owing to extravagant hairstyles, headpieces, and garments with high collars that covered the ears.

Small, pear-shaped pearl earrings were more fashionable than circles throughout European civilizations in the 1700s. This was also the time when males began to wear an earring in only one ear instead of both.

Light circle earrings in silver were more fashionable than heavier pendant jewelry in the 1820s. Fashion trends at the time were based on historical designs with a major influence from Roman cultures, which led to an increase in the use of big gold circles.

Circle Earrings with the 20th Century

Silver gold earrings in a circle were seen with mixed feelings in the United States in the early 1900s. They were viewed by many as symbols of Native American and Latino culture. To avoid being labeled as an immigrant, many American women quit wearing earrings completely.

In the United States, the stigma associated with ear piercings was short-lived. Simpler hairstyles, lower-cut clothing, and updos that showed off the ears rather than disguising them were popular by 1910. Earring became trendy again among American ladies as a result of this.

The True Meaning of Circles

Circle earrings are still worn by many individuals around the world and are one of the oldest fashion fads still in use.

Circles give you a sense of power. They are a symbol of strength as well as foreign style. Circle earrings symbolize unity, infinity, and wholeness because they are shaped like a circle.

Latino culture has long been associated with circle earrings. Circle earrings became a sign of strength, individuality, and resistance to prejudice for minorities and immigrants in America and Europe. It is usual for young Latino girls to get a pair of little circle earrings from their mothers or grandmothers when they are young.

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