This Dark Spot Serum Helps Fade Discoloration in 4 Weeks

This Dark Spot Serum Helps Fade Discoloration in 4 Weeks


There are few skin conditions as stubborn as hyperpigmentation. Whether caused by sun damage, hormones or inflammatory acne, discoloration in the skin can be tough to fade. However—especially when paired with in-office treatments—topical treatments may help fade the look of your unwanted spots. A new breakthrough by PCA Skin, Pigment Gel Pro, is already making waves for its ability to fade hyperpigmentation in as little as four weeks while also shielding the skin from the appearance of new dark spots.

The Ingredients

According to the brand, the lightweight Pigment Gel Pro serum is powered by a proprietary SynerPro Complex. Comprised of hexylresorcinol, purified licorice root extract (a potent botanical known for its anti-inflammatory power), tranexamic acid (a known power player in the treatment of melasma) and 4-Butylresorcinol, this Complex helps effectively yet gently target stubborn discoloration, making it safe for use across all skin types and tones.

The Results

“Pigment Gel Pro was evaluated in a clinical study for its effects on the skin when applied twice daily over 16 weeks, and was tested on 48 female participants between the ages of 18 and 86 with Fitzpatrick types I-VI,” according to brand collateral. The results were shocking. After four weeks, 74 percent of people saw a reduction in discoloration. After 16 weeks, 85 percent of people saw a reduction in the intensity of a dark spot, 70 percent saw an improvement in overall facial discoloration and a whopping 100 percent of people saw an improvement in facial brightness.


How to Use It

If you have hyperpigmentation you’d like to see less of, the Pigment Gel Pro is designed to be applied twice daily—once in the morning and once before bed—for maximum results. When using in the morning, apply your sunscreen of choice on top to lock in the pigment-protecting power.

PCA Skin Pigment Gel Pro ($120) is available for purchase now.