Paulina Porizkova Praises Christie Brinkley’s Stance on Aging

Paulina Porizkova Praises Christie Brinkley’s Stance on Aging


In a discussion called “A Wrinkle in Time: On Beauty and Aging” during the Aspen Ideas Festival last week, Paulina Porizkova, Yasmin Warsame and Christie Brinkley spoke about aging in the public eye. Following the chat, Porizkova said that Brinkley is her inspiration when it comes to getting older.

“There were so many highlights here—but I think for me—it was talking to the women who were in the audience of our panel, and had thoughts and questions they wanted to share,” Porizkova writes in her caption. “But then there was also the attendance of a few other super interesting discussions as an audience member, getting to meet people I’ve long admired, tasting some of Christie’s Bellissima wines while bonding with yet more amazing women, and ending up at dinner with three inspiring seasoned women: @christiebrinkley, @officialyasminwarsame and @clairemercuri1 – beginning and deepening friendships.”

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She finishes her post by thanking Christie and Yasmin: “Thank you Christie for making aging look fun and being an eternal ray of sunshine, Yasmin for your vulnerability and strength of talking about starting over and reinventing yourself.”

Porizkova has been openly talking about aging, including her anti-aging skin secrets, how to age gracefully and the treatments she gets to stay looking youthful. Now, we not only know her secrets, but who she looks up to as well.