4 Ideas for Styling Trendy Leather Pants

Styling Trendy Leather Pants

Leather pants first hit the pop culture and fashion scene hard in the ’70s and ’80s, and since then, there have been SO many amazing leather pants looks. From glam rock to biker to baddie, though, there are really no wrong answers. Leather pants are a vibe and aesthetic all on their own and you will undoubtedly rock them. But while the vibe remains the same (and while you will rock them), the times have changed and so have the trends. If you want to stay on top of them while styling your leather pants look, consider our trendy and timeless ideas below!

4 Ideas for Styling Trendy Leather Pants

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Styling a Trendy Silhouette 

Leather pants have resurfaced with such force that they can be found in nearly every style/silhouette. From high-waisted flares to low-riding straight-legs, though, the style that has hit the hardest in 2022’s trend books has been skinny leather pants/leather leggings.

We love skinny leathers and their ability to fit with any footwear (from sexy sandals to cute boots) and any style of shirt (from seductive wrap to cozy cardigan). When it comes to styling them in a way that is both timeless and trendy, though, we say that skinny leather pants call for:

  • Oversized, comfort-fit or flowy tops. This could include pieces like cozy knit sweaters, flowy blouses, oversized tees — or our favorite, oversized dress shirts/button-downs.
  • A jacket or cardigan (if needed) with a longer hemline in either the same color as your pants, the same color as your shirt or in a color and shade that complements and falls between the two (for example: black leather leggings, oversized white button-down and long grey peacoat).
  • Flat footwear. Because while almost any shoe style will work with your pants, a flat shoe will help balance your outfit and incorporate a bit of comfort at the bottom that we see coming from your oversized shirt on top. If you’ve opted for an oversized men’s style dress shirt as we mentioned above, we recommend something like comfortable and cute flats in simple and sophisticated designs to combat any overwhelming masculinity from your top. Likewise, if you aren’t hitting the amazing level of masculinity that you were hoping for, a cute pair of Oxfords should do the trick!

Styling a Trendy Color

Leather pants have resurfaced with such force that they can ALSO be found in nearly every shade. Neutral colors like black, gray, white, navy, brown, tan and blush are most commonly seen, but brighter colors continue to rise in popularity. Be on the lookout for bright reds, oranges, yellows, blues, greens, purples, pinks, teals, periwinkles and mauves. 

When it comes to changing up your normal pant color, it’s always a nice idea to ease into it with some neutrals that you wouldn’t normally wear. When it comes to taking a chance on color, though, all we have to say is: you know what you’re drawn to. While you’re thinking about the specifics of styling, we say that colored leather pants call for:

  • A solid color top that complements your pant color and shows a bit of skin (for example, a sheer white, wrap blouse combined with blush pants).
  • A basic jacket (if needed) in a solid color that complements your pants and top (for example, a wine-colored jacket with your white and blush combo).
  • Shoes that also show a bit of skin. Because when it comes to color, less is more. Your pants are already a lot on their own, and while shirts and shoes are unavoidable, you can keep your pants in the spotlight by limiting the amount of color coating your skin elsewhere. As a rule of thumb, we recommend matching your shoe color to your shirt or coat color.
  • One or two makeup items in a matching color and shade to your pants (in the outfit that we’ve created through our examples, blush is the pant color used — which could be used for anything from lipstick to blush).

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Taking on a Truly Trendy Style

You won’t see a leather-legged look that’s more trendy than a pair of sleek, high-waisted black leather leggings paired with:

  • A simple, relaxed-fit black camisole with limited texture, tucked loosely and casually into the front of your leggings.
  • A cropped jean jacket in a lighter wash.
  • A pair of black strappy heels, or cute ankle boots with a skinny heel, depending on the season.
  • While it’s not necessary to nail the look, a large black leather tote bag will elevate this look beyond baddie to full-blown model.

Tackling a Truly Timeless Style

All it takes to tackle one of the most timeless leather pants styles is a big t-shirt — but even better than that is that the color and design of your oversized tee can change the feel of your ensemble entirely. This is because over its timeless span, this ensemble has passed through various style groups that have made their mark on the look. For instance:

  • An oversized WHITE tee, leather leggings and white high-top kicks combined with a messy bun, tote bag and limited makeup and jewelry take us (and everyone else on the internet) straight to casual model style.
  • An oversized GRAPHIC tee, leather leggings and combat boots or spiky heels combined with edgy accessories and glam makeup scream to the punk and punk rock scenes.
  • An oversized BAND tee, leather leggings and combat or desert boots combined with either edgy or boho accessories and a wide-brim wool hat act as a showcase for classic-rock-inspired styles.
  • An oversized BRANDED tee, leather leggings and your choice of high- or low-cut kicks, combined with simple undone hair and limited makeup, accented with a scrunched beanie and backpack or fanny pack — well, we can hear the skateboard wheels on the concrete already. 


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A Love That Lasts as Long as They Do 

With the endless love they’ve been given over the years, we’re proud to say that leather pants have never looked so good! And luckily, true leather will keep looking (and smelling) good for as long as it’s loved and taken care of.

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