Gold Prom Dresses: 3 Fashion Stereotypes You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

Gold Prom Dresses

…because “glitter and gold” are never too old!

Prom is the most exciting time of the year, plus a perfect chance to dress up to the nines. If you’re looking for the most effortless way to glam up your fashion game for the big night, nothing speaks volumes than a gold prom dress.

Yes, you got it right! Gold dresses are elegant, exquisite, and sophisticated at the same time. Dolling up in *one* can help you stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, some girls surrender themselves to the cliché fashion rules they hear about gold outfits: you can’t wear this jewelry, you can’t put on those shoes, you can’t mix gold and silver, and a lot more. But you know what, nothing matters if you feel and look comfortable in a particular style. 

So, let’s break all the stereotypes associated with gold dresses for prom and get ready to shine like a golden star!

gold dresses for prom

  • Jewelry On Gold Dress Can Make You Look Tacky

What! Of course, not. 

Gold is a bright color, but it doesn’t mean that you can accessorize it to create a personal look. Although, you’ve to be a bit mindful of the balancing game.

Say, for example: if your gold party dress is already embellished or too sparkly, you should focus on a minimalistic approach. Just a pair of modest earrings is enough to add extra allures to your style statement. On the other hand, if your gold prom gown is a simple, monochrome pattern, you can glitz it up with a dazzling necklace, a ring, and a pair of silver studs. 

gold dresses for prom

  • Gold Shoes With Gold Dress Can Be Over The Top

Gold has several shades, so you can wholeheartedly marry your rich gold dress with a pair of light gold shoes or vice versa. It’s just you have to experiment a little. 

Gold matte shoes with a sequin yellow gold prom dress for women – is the perfect combination we’re talking about. Here, the soft tone of shoes will blend well with the radiance of a sparkling yellow dress, resulting in an excellent look. 

sequin yellow gold prom dress for women

  • Gold And Silver Don’t Go Along.

Gold and silver may sound like two opposite sides of a coin, but mixing them is a lot of fun. You can pair your gold prom gown with silver accessories, particularly studs and bracelets, but keep it low profile.

So, go mix gold & silver, and set a new trend in the fashion world!

gold prom gown with silver accessories

There you go! We hope you find our guide insightful. If you think you are ready to pull off the glamour of gold hue, wait no more and get your hands on an exclusive gold prom dress in 2022.

Get, Set, & Glow!

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