8 Earring Trends You Need To Know For Preparing Your Closet For 2022!

Earring Trends 2022

Why should you leave your clothes alone when you can acquaint them with the right jewellery, right? You must do it as soon as possible as the trend waits for none. We have already entered 2022, and if you are still not updated with the trend, you may be left behind the whole. 

There is no comeback once you enter into the puddle of pairing your outfits with the right set of accessories. 

Update your earring collection with the latest and trending pieces of 2022. 

  • Minimal Gold Earrings 

You know that gold-plated jewellery never goes out of style. You may change the way it looks or feels, but it will remain the same from its core. Be it a statement necklace, gold disc earrings, gold medallion earrings, chain bracelets – the forever rule will remain the same. 

  • Go Solo With Dangle 

Gold circle earrings dangle are fresh and edgy, which works as an instant mood booster for anyone who looks at it. A single earring is one of the finest and most loved jewellery trends by far, which is carried in 2022 as well!

  • Pearls Are Evergreen 

Peals are linked with luxury and sophistication. It is a tried and tested jewellery trend for women of all ages. The good news is that they are still trending in 2022. You can now see many contemporary and asymmetrical designs such as bold coloured, contemporary drops mixed with gold medallion earrings and piled up chains with pearls in them. 

  • Hoop Earrings

You must be thinking that hoop earrings are left behind in the past trends, but it is not the truth. Just like pearls, even hoop earrings are evergreen. One can never go wrong with the right pair of gold or silver circle earrings. It is the best accessory that you can use to pair up with a simple or dressier outfit. 

  • Asymmetry Is The New Symmetry

Asymmetric earrings add a sense of excitement and novelty. They are a part of the current fashion trend that you must adopt this year. However, it may seem a little weird at first but don’t hesitate in trying something new and unique.

  • Be Bold And Fierce

Let your earrings do the talking. Sometimes, it is best to make your earrings the centre of attention of your apparel. However, it is quite important to carefully choose the colours and designs of these statement pieces as they can work as a deal maker or breaker. These statement earrings give you a very bold and fierce look instantly. 

  • Say Yes To Seashells

It is never too late to try something new. Don’t hesitate to avoid; push yourself out of your comfort zone and choose something you may have avoided otherwise. Seashells in your jewellery piece can be just the right thing, to begin with. It is a perfect summer/spring jewellery that one can wear by the pool or on vacation. 

  • Step On To Stones 

You know – Rhinestones are then new gold for every jewellery fiend. The glitter they add can spice up your otherwise plain wardrobe. Thus, don’t shy away from the rhinestones, fringing in your earrings or dripping down the collar with a necklace. They might seem a little too much to carry sometimes, but there is a wide range of casual pieces as well. 

The Final Words:

Now that you are aware of the current trends, you may hop on to buying a few for yourself. First, you must have a quick look at the amazing collection available at Astrid Schumacher. They deal in one of a kind jewellery pieces that one can get customized as well. Try on their vibrant, bold and contemporary accessories today!

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