Canceled TV Shows 2022: The Full List


Saved by the Bell: We have to say goodbye (again) to Bayside High. The reboot of the 1989 show was applauded for its diverse cast and storylines that weren’t afraid to make a statement. Canceled after two seasons.


American Rust: Jeff Daniels played a morally compromised police chief in this dramatization of Philipp Meyer’s novel. Canceled after one season.

Black Monday: Who knew a dark comedy about the year leading up to the international stock market crash in 1987 could be so funny? Unfortunately, the Don Cheadle–led series also crashed. Canceled after three seasons.

Work in Progress: Abby McEnany’s semiautobiographical series is no longer in progress. Canceled after two seasons.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer: Sometimes you just can’t beat the original. Canceled after one season.

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Naomi: The superhero series helmed by Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship was a part of a brutal round of cancellations at the CW. Canceled after one season. 

Charmed: After four seasons, the Charmed reboot is coming to an end. Canceled after four seasons.

Dynasty: Honestly, no reboot is safe. The CW also canceled its lavish reboot of the beloved 1980s soap opera about two wealthy families in conflict. Canceled after five seasons.

Batwoman: Though Batwoman survived one controversial casting change, it didn’t survive the network’s latest purge. Canceled after three seasons.

Legends of Tomorrow: The time-traveling superhero series has evolved so much in seven seasons that it’s a shame they weren’t granted a final season to bring the saga to a close. Canceled after seven seasons.

Roswell New Mexico: Another reboot bites the dust, but at least fans of the alien cowboy drama will still get to enjoy season four when it airs in June. Canceled after four seasons. 

In the Dark: The series about a blind vigilante (not Daredevil) will also end with season four. Canceled after four seasons. 

4400: Many of the mysteries of the 4400 will, unfortunately, remain unsolved. Canceled after one season.

Legacies: The last remaining Vampire Diaries spin-off is coming to an end. “To my beloved Legacies—after the Parkland shootings, I decided I wanted to tell a story about the young heroes who would save us from ourselves,” creator Julie Plec tweeted on May 13. “Good kids living on the fringe who ultimately were the heroes of the whole story.” Canceled after four seasons.

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The Big Leap: Honestly, this one really hurt. The Fox comedy about the cast and crew of a reality dance competition left us laughing and crying week after week. Plus, we’ll really miss Scott Foley’s face. Canceled after one season.


Love, Victor: The queer romance series, which is set in the same universe as the Love, Simon movie, will not get a fourth season. We’d recommend Heartstopper on Netflix to soothe the pain. Canceled after three seasons; the finale will serve as a series finale.


The Hills: New Beginnings: I guess no one’s going to Paris. Canceled after two seasons.


Kenan: Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson starred in this semiautobiographical series. Canceled after two seasons. 


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