10 Simple Ponytails with Saree

We can’t blame fashionistas for infusing modern and traditional culture. Seriously, how can we blame them when we are often tempted to try something modern with our traditional attire? Apparently, mixing up modern styles (ponytails) with a traditional outfit (saree) has become a trend. It is an innovative approach in the beauty industry. It is a modern uptake, adapting, changing, and acclimatizing while still not leaving the classic styles.  Ponytails are not new, but fashion enthusiasts in the Indian beauty industry have added some flavors to classic ponytails, giving a unique modern touch. Most of them are pretty simple ponytails with little tweaks and accessories, so you can easily replicate them. Here, we have gathered some of the stylish yet simple ponytails that suit well with a saree. 

The Low Wavy Ponytail

Low ponytails are incredibly simple to style, and they do not appear too flirty. Waving up the pony lifts your style from looking too dull. The simplicity of the low wavy ponytail is fantastic because it fits superbly with the saree. Flaunting a simple low ponytail will complete your traditional outfit for any occasion. 

Follow these steps to style a Low Wavy Ponytail

Step 1: Wash your hair and let them air-dry

Step 2: Brush back your hair and apply a fair amount of heat guard

Step 3: Tie your hair at the nape of the neck to achieve a low pony

Step 4: Hold a small section of hair from the pony and create waves (use a curler to achieve gentle waves)

Step 5: Finally, repeat step 4 to wave up all of your strands from the pony

It is a perfect balance, with neither too much focus on your hair nor the saree – instead, they appear equally elegant. 

The Voluminous Curly Ponytail

The Curly pony with plenty of volumes oozes a modern feel due to the intentional extra volume. It is a perfect way to show off your simple yet tasteful fashion skill, and it looks terrific with the saree. Drape your saree over one of your shoulders and let the high-volume pony caress your back, or bring the voluminous pony over your shoulder and expose your back for a stunning look – just like Jacqueline in the picture.

Follow these steps to style the Voluminous Curly Ponytail

Step 1: Remove tangles from your hair with a wide comb

Step 2: Pull back your hair and secure them with an elastic band at the midsection of your head. For a stylish look, gather a section of hair from the sides and wrap your ponytail (look at the picture to get the idea).

Step 3: Apply heat guard to your pony and finger comb to ensure there aren’t any tangles

Step 4: Grab a curling iron and create voluminous waves to your ponytail. 

This style requires a lot of volume and length, so it may not be possible for you to replicate the style with short and fine hair. You can tackle this issue by using a ponytail hair extension. 

The Fishtail Ponytail

A fishtail pony is a classy and attractive hairstyle. This style is trendy among Indian women for special occasions. Many Bollywood celebrities pair this haircut with a brightly colored saree. Though this hairstyle may seem sophisticated, it’s simple to achieve a ponytail and a long fishtail.

Follow these steps to achieve a Fishtail Ponytail

Step 1: Brush your hair to remove knotted tangles

Step 2: Apply holding spray to give your strands some grip

Step 3: Secure your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck

Step 4: Part your hair into two equal sections

Step 5: Braid the two sections into a big chunk of fishtail until the ends and secure it with a small elastic tie

Step 6: Spritz a fair amount of hair spray, and you are ready for any occasion

The Classic Braided Ponytail

The combination of traditional clothes and ponytail hairstyles is very stunning. Braided hairstyles such as French, Dutch, classic three-strand, or a simple twist will bring a splash of beauty to your plain saree look. Braids appear artistic and exquisite on any Indian woman dressed in a lovely saree. A free and delicate braid looks excellent on naturally wavy hair. 

Follow these steps to style the Classic Braided Ponytail

Step 1: Apply heat guard to your dry hair

Step 2: Brush all of your natural strands towards the back

Step 3: Braid all of your hair down until the ends (go for your favorite braided styles, but do not make the braid too tight; it will be uncomfortable for you)

Step 4: Apply a light holding spray to keep the braid in place

For special occasions like weddings, add flowers into your braids for a fantastic-final-finish!

The Black Bollywood  Pony

A chic saree and a sleek black ponytail are appropriate ways to complete your saree outfit – it is a popular simple ponytail hairstyle for Bollywood stars. This is a hassle-free go-to style for Indian stars that you can replicate at home for a small event. If you have a date night, family gathering, friends reunion, you got your style for the night. Try this lovely ponytail hairstyle to add decency and cuteness to your saree look.

A Well Accessorized Pony/ The Bridal Pony

 Are you intimidated to see Sonam Kapoor in the picture with the super-elegant hairstyle? Well, worry not – it is not that hard as you contemplate! Accessories make the style look complicated, but it is pretty simple to replicate her style. However, one drawback of this style is, it may not work as your everyday hairstyle – the style would appear too much for your formal days. We listed this style if you need a quick and effortless hairstyle for a wedding or any special event.

The High-Volume Wavy Pony

Supplement your everyday ponytail hairstyle with significant volume to make it look super-rich! With a sassy saree, the voluminous pony will always give you the best ponytail moments. Why always go for a dull everyday style when you can amp up your look? It is easy; simply use a curling iron to curl your ponytail or use a ponytail hair extension for a thicker and longer pony.

The Puffy Pony

Women with fine and limp hair love this ponytail hairstyle. The style creates an illusion of thickness and voluminous hair. Tie a long voluminous ponytail and puff up your hair in the front to achieve the perfect combination. For an effortless look, keep your puff on point and leave the ponytail messy.

The Sleek Mid-Length Ponytail

Wavy hair is always a hot topic for fashion-forward women, while Indian celebrities are silently rocking sleek styles. Observe Jacqueline’s clean yellow saree and the elegant mid-length ponytail. How perfect are they, yet pretty simple, right? Try this style with your handloom saree to achieve the look.

The Ultimate Combination of a Ponytail, Hair Bangs, and a Saree

Hair bangs may not be an everyday thing for Indians to mix up with saree and ponytails. You shouldn’t even try that if you are afraid to look stunning! However, you should probably try this hairstyle if you care about how you look with your hair. This style could be the new look for you!


Going always classic or always modern lacks quirky tweaks. However, combining them attains mental and physical satisfaction. A colorful saree and simple ponytails could give you happiness and pride for being a fashionable Indian woman. Don’t forget your tradition and always remember to look perfect with your hair!

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