Mother Of The Bride Fashion Guide: 5 Tips To Match Makeup With Outfit

Mother Of The Bride Fashion Guide: 5 Tips To Match Makeup With Outfit

The big day is finally here – your daughter is all set to marry and begin a new journey with the love of her life. Naturally, all eyes will indeed be on her on the D-day, but the same can be said for you, as well. After all, as MOB, you will not only greet wedding guests but also accompany the bride while she walks down the aisle.

So, hi there, MOB; it’s time for you to make sure that you strike the right balance of mother of the bride dress and makeup to stand out from the crowd while obviously being careful not to steal the limelight away from the bride.

But are you not sure how to coordinate your MOB dress with your makeup? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are essential tips and ideas you need to know:

MOB dress

Tip #1: Complement, Don’t Match 

If you don’t wish to go overboard, matching makeup to the color of your short or long mother of the bride dress is a big NO. This is especially when your dress is in a traditional shade of pink, red, or other darker hue. 

Wondering what to do instead? Choose makeup shades that complement your MOB outfit rather than be too matchy-matchy. Dark plump lips with a pastel dress or nude lips with a red or brown dress is a perfect example of what we are talking about. 

MOB outfit

Tip #2: Focus On One Feature

The key to making a splash is to choose a sole feature as your focus. Whether it’s your eyes or lips, put on the shade that accentuates the appeal of your dress. 

On the other hand, if you are self-assured, you may also be able to pull off a second feature by applying another shade. For example, if you’ve got a color-blocked mother of the bride dress on clearance sale, you can pick one color for lips and another for eyes. 

color-blocked mother of the bride dress on clearance sale

Tip #3: Think Out Of The Box

The key point here is to coordinate makeup with the wedding dress for the mother of the bride; however, sometimes, it can be incredibly challenging even for the most talented makeup artists. In that case, focusing on any of your accessories rather than a full outfit can be life-saving.

Shift your attention to a single accessory, be it purse, shoes, or jewelry, and strive to match your lipstick or eyeshadow with its color. It’s time-effective and hassle-free!

wedding dress for the mother of the bride

Tip #4: Black Is Always In

Black is an eternal trend, and it’s a no-brainer! When in doubt, black smokey eyes married with a bold lip can help you create a timeless style statement in no time. Not to mention – the classic black wing is a seamless pair with your colorful MOB dress bought on sale. 

Grabbed the sequined mother of the bride dress on sale? This trick can do wonders for you! Go for black smokey eyeshadow while swapping the makeup on other facial features, and you’re good to shine in the crowd. 

black smokey eyes

Tip #5: Don’t Overthink

Last but the most important advice is: Don’t Overthink. No doubt, stuff like color wheel or color theory has great information but can limit your creativity. 

So, don’t let the set of expert rules hold you back from playing with colors in your makeup palette. Try to experiment with different shades, and stick to the ‘ONE’ that vibe with your high-low or long mother of the bride dress to the best. Remember, in the end; it’s all about feeling good and confident!

long mother of the bride dress

Ready To Turn Heads At Your Daughter’s Wedding?

As a mother, you hold a special place in your daughter’s life. Therefore, you must find a perfect makeup look that suits your mother of the bride dress as well as your personality. 

We hope our mother of the bride fashion guide will help you understand the essential “do’s” and “don’ts” and create the fashion statement of your dreams. 

Have a gala time dolling up!

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