Weekly Horoscope: May 15 to May 21, 2022


Buckle up; your weekly horoscope has arrived. This week starts with a total full moon eclipse and your feelings may be intense, so focus that energy on constructive change and transformation. If you needed a reset, this is it. Watch out for reactionary behavior if you come up against a wall, rule, restriction, or authority. Kill’ em with kindness, and dig under or around an obstacle if you encounter one. Clean out your basement rather than judge someone else’s. 

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and learn what’s in store for your sign during May 15 through May 21, 2022.


At the most raw and primal level, your deeper connections may be tested this week. Take the information that comes to you as valuable intel rather than lash out with a quick reaction just to let off steam or avoid your feelings. It may simply highlight how important it is to maintain your own resources so you can weather storms that come as part and parcel of intimacy with others. Complexity isn’t your nature, so anchor into and ground through building your own financial and physical foundation. Dig a garden, save or invest regularly and look after your physique. 


Monday’s full moon may be a total eclipse of the heart since it resets your relationship sector. Look at transforming or rebooting a particular partnership or collaboration. If things get intense, take time to breathe rather than succumb to a reactive response. This could indicate a sloughing of skins, getting to the raw and real heart of what matters. You don’t like change, we get it, but this one does have an attendant pivot if you’re ready for it. Late Taurus, this is especially true for you. If someone else pivots, then you may have to go with it rather than try to control things. Look for the hidden benefits they initiate. 


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