How Your Earrings Complete Your Outfit

How Your Earrings Complete Your Outfit

You’ve spent hours in front of the mirror, adding and subtracting layers, trying on every bracelet you’ve ever owned, and testing out necklaces only to shake your head and go back to the closet. Then it hits you: The thing that would totally complete your look is a good pair of earrings.

Whether you’re pairing yellow gold stud earrings with an edgy distressed denim jacket or you’re breaking out your favorite white gold hoops to make a statement when you hit the dance floor, here are a few reasons that no look is complete without the right earrings.

1. Your earrings give you more chances to experiment.


When you shop earrings, what do you typically look for? Do you go through the jewelry best sellers and pick whatever’s the most popular? Or do you go to specific accessory stores and websites to find the perfect pair of earrings? If you answered that you usually pick what’s easy and versatile, you’re not alone.

Since earrings are typically pretty discrete, they give you a chance to test out new color combinations, styles, and lengths to find the right fit. Whether you’re buying stud earrings or you’re more interested in drop earrings and dangle earrings, there’s bound to be a pair that helps you spice up your wardrobe a bit.

2. The right earrings add a touch of class to any look.

Be it a beautiful pair of stud pearl earrings or rose gold dangle earrings, your accessories and jewelry can help lift your look. If you’re getting ready for your wedding day, a smart pair of bridal earrings can make you look expensive and luxurious.

Simple gold earrings help dress up an easygoing office ensemble. A pair of solitaire earrings with a sharp blazer commands attention and oozes class. Whether you’re browsing the best sellers or shopping around for bridal earrings, it’s important to find a pair that makes you feel classy, expensive, and untouchable.

3. There’s an earring for every outfit.


There’s a reason earrings are universally popular: They go with almost any look you could imagine. Whether you’re keeping things casual for a quick lunch with a friend or you’re getting ready for a hot date, you’re bound to find the right earrings to take your outfit to the next level.

You can experiment with different precious metals, gemstones, lengths, and styles to create entirely new looks with existing pieces. Or, you can take advantage of free standard shipping at your favorite jeweler’s and invest in some new pieces that’ll add excitement to your wardrobe.

4. Earrings often have sentimental meanings.

Whether your earrings are culturally significant or remind you of a happy memory, most carry sentimental stories and meanings. One day, you might be sporting a pair of gold earrings that were a gift from your spouse. The next, you could switch to a hoop earring that you purchased when you got your last big raise.

Oftentimes, jewelry is a celebratory investment that hearkens back to special occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries. When you pick out your accessories, it’s like you’re picking out memories to carry with you each day. After all, your engagement ring isn’t the only piece of jewelry you own with a deeper meaning.

Your earrings are a direct representation of who you are. You can use them to show off your understated style or go with big statement pieces that stand out from the crowd. With the right jewelry, you can boost your confidence, feel more in control of your personal style, and be more willing to try new things with your looks. With any luck, you’ll find the right earrings for your style.

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