ELLE Editors Put the Skims Fits Everybody Collection to the Test


Tatjana Freund, Beauty E-Commerce Writer

“I’m a simple girl when it comes to lingerie, so I was immediately drawn into Skims branding. Nudes? Blacks? It pleases my minimalist heart. The Fits Everybody line is so soft. Ridiculously soft. On a day-to-day basis, thongs are for daytime (no panty lines here) and a brief is for sleeping—or sweatpants days. But I found the Skims briefs to be virtually lineless, so I could actually wear tight jeans and not have everyone guess the style I was wearing. They are prone to causing a minor wedgie here and there, but for the most part, the pieces are breathable, comfortable, and extremely flattering. As for the bra, I am not busty enough to have cleavage when there isn’t an underwire involved, but I found the Triangle Bralette to be flattering nonetheless. I will say, I have a slightly confusing bra size (32D, but also a 34C, and also sometimes a small? Medium? I don’t know). I wound up opting for size small, but I think I’d probably be better suited to a medium to avoid any spillage. If I had the correct size, you might find me actually wearing a bra for once. All in all, I’m a Skims convert. Give me a year, and my entire underwear drawer will be converted to Skims only.”


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