Top Three Brands to Buy Designer Prom Dresses Under $100

Slipping into a full length gown with floor-sweeping hem and walking towards your prom venue, sounds like a dream right? But it’s not a dream if you are a teenager. It is already the prom season and your prom might be on its way. Before it arrives, why not do all the preparations? It has to be impressive. Wait, is the short budget getting on your nerves? There is nothing to worry about. Prom dresses or designer homecoming dresses are not always about spending every penny you have got on your side. There are cheaper alternatives too and a lot of them! We have written this blog focusing on cheap prom dresses. Get to know the brands that can offer designer prom dresses under $100. It is all here. Stay with us and your problem is solved!

Elizabeth K

The brand exudes elegance and class. The prom dresses under 100$ by Elizabeth K are the perfect choice for a sophisticated and dreamy prom look. The brand has creations that feature basic detailings, alluring fabrics and hemline on point. Elizabeth K creates the dresses that will make an everlasting impression on everyone at the party. Make your grand entrance while wearing one of the Elizabeth K prom dresses under 100. Designed with fine details with the hands of experts, these dresses are the right pick if you are looking for something affordable and classy. There are styles and hemlines for all body types. Find what works for you. 



Appear at the prom party and exude glamour all over. The prom dresses by Lenovia are ideal to turn heads at a party. The designer brand features outfits in all the possible necklines, silhouettes and sleeves. The most attractive feature of Lenovia dresses is that they have class even if they are cheap. Even if you are purchasing cheap prom dresses from the brand, they will add charm to your evening. 

LENOVIA - 5216

Alyce Paris

Showcase your charming feminine side at your prom in the gorgeous dresses by Alyce Paris. It is another brand that creates and offers unconventional prom dresses at affordable prices. The enchantingly designed dresses by Alyce Paris are just right for your princess moment. If you are short on budget but dream of a dainty, shimmery dress, rely on Alyce Paris. Its collection has keenly designed prom dresses on sale. It is your chance to add a top-level designer to your closet and save it for the prom night. If you have a prom date, these dresses won’t let him take his eyes off you. Choose from the handpicked cheap prom dresses online by Alyce Paris. 


You can also increase the range of your search. Sometimes homecoming dresses under 100$ also work for prom events. Therefore, it is fine to choose dresses out of the limited collection. 

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