Build Your Own Earrings With Personalized Hoop Charms


Of course, I also had to ask what it’s like to run an accessories brand with family, to which Upson said, “There will always be things to work on! Probably our biggest challenge is work-life balance and blurring the lines between the two. I would say we’re getting better at drawing boundaries between work and family time, but this is something that has to be enforced and policed!” As NUE Hoops heads into its third year as a brand, Upson does acknowledge that “things get easier as we get into the groove of communicating and understanding each other — from being able to be straight to the point and knowing that we’re all on the same team. We have immense trust and that is key,” she said of the bond she shares with her sister and mother as entrepreneurs. When it comes to stoking their creative juices, however, that seems to be where all three co-founders flourish. Developing new charms is “a tricky” task but, ultimately, a stimulating one. “We often use colors and icons as inspiration for a collection, and we also travel abroad — India and Greece are two places that have inspired us,” Upson said. “Ultimately, we’re collectors, and we’re always looking for things that totally capture us.” Spoken like a family who simply wants to share their massive love for charm collecting, we may add.


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