Angelique Cabral on Facial Ice-Rolling, Full Moons, and Why She No Longer Works Out for Two Hours a Day

Angelique Cabral on Facial Ice-Rolling, Full Moons, and Why She No Longer Works Out for Two Hours a Day


It may be summer, but Angelique Cabral’s schedule is busier than ever. “This is such a fun time for me,” the 43-year-old, mom-of-two shares from her “quiet place” of her car. “I have two shows out right now! On two different platforms!”

The lineup: Season two of Undone on Amazon Prime, which Cabral coins as a project that’s very “close to her heart,” plus the single-cam “surreal” comedy, Maggy, now available on Hulu.

“I have such a big attachment to both of these shows, but they are each so different,” she shares. “They’re particularly special to me, because I’m very spiritual and I meditate a lot and it’s something that both shows work in. I’m very proud and it’s a really fun time—I don’t actually think that, professionally, I’ve ever heard a time like this one.”

I love how you said that you meditate. How does wellness and self-care work for you with two young children?

“Oh my God, I think that there’s a Saturn, and a retrograde and a huge, huge full moon going into this very powerful new moon right now. Let’s just say that I’ve been highly elevated. There’s been a lot of stress and high emotions and things happening with the two kids. There’s a lot going on and a lot of moving parts.

But I have found in my life that saying ‘no’ to things—like commitments that don’t serve me or things that are spreading me too thin—is key. This summer, I’m really trying to have fun with the kids and my family and to put them first.

For me, meditating is very important; I’m a Kundalini practitioner, and I’ve been practicing Kundalini for 13 years. It’s something I start my day with, and it’s something I come back to throughout the day. I play mantras. I take a couple of minutes several times a day to just ground myself and focus and go inward and breathe. Literally, anyone and everyone who knows me well knows the mantras—because they’re always playing in my car, they’re always playing in my home. I wear a bracelet on my left wrist that is a Kundalini bracelet. I’m a very deep practitioner, to the point I can’t really get through my day without it. I find if I can just go back to my breath and go back inwards and go back to me, I can navigate through anything.

But, yes, it’s a lot of moving parts—the kids, my husband, my home, these two shows, social media. It can feel very overwhelming. It can feel insurmountable at times, but I find if I just put one foot in front of the other, I ground myself and things just line up.”

Good, solid advice.

“I guess my other thing is that I have to work out every day. That’s a real thing for me. I have to exercise every day.”

That was my next question. I know you’re very into fitness. What does it look for you right now on the daily?

“I love that you say right now, because that has changed so much since COVID and so much since my second kid. Pre-COVID, pre-kid, I was either running marathons or doing yoga or Tracy Anderson. I did Tracy Anderson for about six years, two hours a day. Very hardcore. With COVID, I have stepped back from such a rigorous routine and now I walk and run on my treadmill every day for about 30 minutes and then I’ll maybe go for a walk at night with my kids or run around with my kids or make fun out of exercise, instead of being quite rigorous and strict and regimented. It’s way more fun and easier.

And I’ve had people tell me I’ve never looked better. I don’t know if that’s true, but I think there’s an easiness to me; I know I’m more relaxed now that I’m not thinking, ‘I have to do two hours! I have to burn these many calories! I have to be a psycho about it! It’s definitely more fun now.

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But, every day, I have to do something. I absolutely have to move my body. My husband and I joke about it: If we haven’t worked out, you’re going to find a little more high-strung versions of us. Let me run and sweat—I’ll feel better, and when I feel better, I’m a better mother and I’m a better wife. I also like to sweat; I do a sauna or sweat bed. Usually, at night, once the kids are in bed, I’ll do it like two or three times a week just to spread out the toxins and detox.”

So you like a good sweat…what about skin care?

“Well, I love a face roller. Like an ice face roller. Every morning before I go on set, I have to do a face roller. Usually, in the car driving I have an ice one that I bought on Amazon. There’s also more fancy ones that are like jade or whatever, but this thing works. It moves your face around and wakes it up, exercises it and it also helps the makeup stay on longer.

I also love Skyn Iceland Eye Gels. Those are great. I use those every day. I also use iS Clinical—they have a couple of great serums. I love a serum before I apply my makeup; I was, for a long time, using Meaningful Beauty because I was one of the faces. I love a good primer-serum to help smooth out the tiny pores and help makeup stay-put.”

All good ones.

“And then I love a ChapStick. I always just have a random just plain old either strawberry or original flavored ChapStick in my bag for between takes, so that my lips feel moist.

I would also say other things that I learned is sleep is so important for my beauty routine now that I have two kids. I can’t ever be too tired. I go to bed between 9:30 and 10 at night and get a solid seven to eight hours of sleep. That’s huge. That should have been the first thing I said!”