17 BEST Brands To Buy Organic Cotton Underwear In 2022 (Affordable & Sustainable)

17 BEST Brands To Buy Organic Cotton Underwear In 2022 (Affordable & Sustainable)


Best Sustainable & Affordable 100% Organic Cotton Underwear

Despite the high demand for organic cotton underwear, it is still difficult to find them.

That’s why I decided to do the research for my fellow earth lovers!

In this article, we’ll look at the best sustainable brands offering affordable yet high-quality organic cotton underwear.

From panties, briefs, and shorts to organic basics, you’ll love to wear these undergarments.

Time to discover the 17 BEST organic cotton underwear brands of 2022 – stylish, affordable, and sustainable!


Best AFFORDABLE Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Pact Organic Cotton Underwear
Pact Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“One of the best organic cotton underwear brands for women empowered by the ‘Give Back Box’ initiative that lets you donate old clothes to handpicked non-profit organizations.”

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PRICE RANGE | from $9

Pact’s organic cotton underwear is comfortable, soft to touch, and has a timeless design.

The brand’s organic cotton underwear is made exclusively from GOTS-certified organic cotton, which allows the company to save 4 gallons of water compared to traditional cotton.

Pact works only with ‘Fair Trade Certified’ factories that provide safe working conditions, empower and uplift local communities, and protect the environment.

Of all organic cotton underwear brands on this list, Pact is a go-to underwear and basics label for the whole family!


Best HIGH WAIST Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in UK

JulieMay Organic Cotton Underwear
JulieMay Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“A stunning British brand renown for comfortable lingerie, larger underwear sizes, and custom-made bras for extra support and functions.”

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PRICE RANGE | $23-$32

Juliemay is a high-end lingerie brand prioritizing style, comfort, and material quality.

Juliemay is the only brand that makes undergarments with Pure Silk and Pima Cotton, allowing the wearer to enjoy wearing their pieces all day long.

I love the brand’s high-waisted full briefs and knickers in organic cotton as classic staple underwear with maximum coverage.

Above all, Juliemay’s undies and bras are supportive, comfortable, luxuriously soft, and allergy and bacteria-free – with superb finishes and delicate details.


Best THONG Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear
Knickey Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“A female-founded organic cotton underwear label focused on creating high-quality, sustainable briefs, thongs, and other basics for all body types, shapes, skin colors, genders, and ages.”

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PRICE RANGE | From $13

Knickey stands out from all organic cotton underwear brands in this article thanks to the founders’ desire to put people’s health first.

Aware of the infections impacting millions of women who wear synthetic textile underwear packed with harmful toxins, Knickey uses only certified organic cotton.

Knickey’s fair-trade cotton underwear is soft, comfortable, breathable, and free from harmful chemicals and known carcinogens.

Moreover, the brand’s underwear is colored with Oeko-Tex certified, non-toxic dyes.

The brand stocks a wide range of XXS–XL thongs, hipsters, bikinis, and briefs (at low-, mid-and high-rise lengths).

I also appreciate Knickey’s return system that takes your undies back once ready to be retired, to be recycled, and reused as insulation.


Best THERMAL Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in Denmark

Organic Basics Organic Cotton Underwear
Organic Basics Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“If you’re after innovative, high-quality organic cotton underwear, Organic Basics’ SilverTech antibacterial and heat-regulating products are a must.”

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PRICE RANGE | $35-$80

Organic Basics is a Danish underwear brand that puts sustainable thinking at the center of everything they do.

The clue is in the name, as the Danish label uses only sustainable fabrics, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Organic Basics stands out from the competition by weaving silver into organic cotton underwear products.

The Silver Tech line of briefs is antibacterial and heat regulating – meaning your lingerie will need fewer washes.

I wear Organic Basics at the gym under my squat-proof leggings, and everything turns out safe and clean – you know what I mean.

And even after several washes, my OB underwear and bras are still in excellent condition, soft and comfy.


Best LACE Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Uye Surana Organic Cotton Underwear
Uye Surana Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“Handmade organic cotton underwear in a family-owned factory in Colombia and handprinted in New York via an innovative process that doesn’t use water or toxic dyes.”

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PRICE RANGE | $25-$50

Uye Surana (pronounced Yoo Sur-ah-nah) is a sustainable lingerie brand from NYC.

Uye Surana organic cotton underwear pieces are sensual, made in small batches, and released in limited editions.

The brand’s bralettes are engineered with patented technology – Easy-Fit Sizing – a proprietary, ultra-adjustable system – to maximize fit and achieve desired support.

Above all, the brand’s organic cotton underwear pieces are extensively fit-tested to ensure excellent tailoring and sizing.


Best SEAMLESS Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in Australia

Nico Organic Cotton Underwear
Nico Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“One of the best underwear brands on this list for long-lasting, durable, and (resistant to pilling and shrinkage) seamless organic cotton briefs, bras, and overall lingerie.”

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PRICE RANGE | $35-$95

Nico is an Australian underwear brand specializing in organic fabrics underwear in clean cuts in breathtaking styles and colors.

First, the Australian clothing brand‘s organic cotton underwear aims to celebrate minimalism and understated luxury lingerie.

However, it is not just that style and material quality that makes Nico stand out, but also the brand’s dedication to making life-lasting undies.

The fibers are knitted at a high gauge, and the finished fabrics undergo a bio-wash process to ensure premium quality underwear that resists pilling and shrinkage.


Best BIKINI Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Araks Organic Cotton Underwear
Araks Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“Excellent offering of organic cotton underwear, bikinis, and lingerie with soft but supportive lines, easy on the body and the planet.”

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PRICE RANGE | $35-$195

Obsessed with making women feel comfortable, safe, and beautiful, Araks has its entire focus on organic cotton styles and comfortable cotton underwear for all.

The brand offers all styles of underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, and resort wear, from recycled clothing materials to mainstream cotton, GOTS certified, OEKOTEX 100 certified, and made in Spain.

Moreover, the brand’s designer distinguishes between ‘everyday lingerie’ and ‘occasion lingerie’ regarding materials or craft.


Best HIPSTER Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in UK

People Tree Organic Cotton Underwear
People Tree Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“From hipster underwear to high-rise briefs to low-rise thongs and granny panties, People Tree has the most affordable organic cotton undies you can buy, right from a cruelty-free, vegan British brand you can trust.”

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PRICE RANGE | $15-$35

A pioneer in fair-trade and sustainable fashion, the story of People Tree started in 1991 by making natural-fiber clothing free of toxic chemicals.

The brand stands out through contemporary and versatile designs that showcase playful, exclusive prints inspired by the V&A museum’s archives.

People Tree’s underwear, briefs, and lingerie are made from hypoallergenic organic cotton and designed to showcase a stylish and innovative style.

The brand’s underwear collections include organic cotton, TENCEL, and Lyocell and come in various styles, including briefs, high-waist briefs, hipsters, and thongs, always in line with the most current fashion trends.


Best HIGH RISE Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Made Trade Organic Cotton Underwear
Made Trade Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“A place for many sustainable lingerie brands where you can shop organic cotton undergarments for women, but above all, a great marketplace for mid to high rise underwear.”

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PRICE RANGE | $24-$45

Made Trade’s organic cotton underwear collection includes several leading brands in lingerie and plus-size intimates.

Every pair of organic cotton underwear that’s sold here adheres to at least one of the following sustainable values:

  • Fair Trade – Handmade underwear made in line with international Fair Trade guidelines and labor practices.
  • Heritage – Undies made by worldwide artisans using traditional art forms in danger of being lost forever.
  • Diversity – Partners with businesses and non-profits where 51% or more of the company is owned or run by a Black, Indigenous person (s) of Color.
  • Sustainable – Underwear is made with earth-friendly materials, responsibly sourced, recycled, or upcycled, and intentionally designed to have a minimal negative environmental impact.
  • Vegan – Vegan underwear is 100% free of any animal products or byproducts.
  • Women-Owned – Underwear by companies where more than 50% of owners identify as women.

Although Made Trade doesn’t have a period panties collection, it offers super comfortable mid-rise undies ideal for heavy period days.

I recommend Made Trade’s wide range of organic cotton underwear, suitable for all body types, tastes, and budgets.


Best BOYSHORT Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Hanky Panky Organic Cotton Underwear
Hanky Panky Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“One of the best women-led American lingerie brands at making super comfortable organic cotton underwear in all styles; in particular, the popular boyshort undies!”

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PRICE RANGE | $20-$100

Hanky Panky is an American underwear brand that made it to the 2004 front-page Wall Street Journal in an article describing the brand’s thongs as “lace butter.”

With excellent stretch, softness, and fit qualities, Hanky Panky’s organic cotton underwear – thongs, hipsters, briefs, and boyshorts – are out of this world.

The company is women-led and employee-owned, and 100% of the fabrics and trims in the brand’s signature lace styles are knitted in the USA.

To top it up, the company runs a ‘Lingercycle’ program, where you can recycle your worn-out underwear.


Best PLUS SIZE Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Warp + Weft Organic Cotton Underwear
Warp + Weft Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“Warp + Weft’s ultra-stretchy and ultra-soft organic cotton underwear is stylish, affordable, and retains shape even after several washes.”

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PRICE RANGE | From $12

Family-owned Warp + Weft has been a leader in organic denim for over 30 years.

Thus, it should be no surprise that the brand’s organic cotton underwear line has award-winning characteristics.

Free of sag and back side seams, these anti-pinch bikinis and briefs are lined in 100% organic cotton and made from cellulose reconstituted from beech trees.

The brand’s body-inclusive and plus-size underwear fits every body shape, in sizes from 00–24.

Warp + Weft’s products are breathable and 50% more absorbent than cotton.

I like the label’s ultra-soft and ultra-stretchy underwear collection; it is affordable, sexy, and retains shape wash after wash.


Best INCLUSIVE Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

TomboyX Organic Cotton Underwear
TomboyX Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“Leaders in gender-inclusive organic cotton underwear, encouraging shoppers to be free, be themselves, wherever they are, whenever they can.”

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PRICE RANGE | $25-$40

The briefs, shorts, undies, and lingerie pieces are ethically made from 100% certified organic cotton.

The founder is driven by a vision that everybody and every gender should have access to high-quality underwear designed to make you feel comfortable while expressing yourself.

From adaptive underwear to super-soft pajamas, the brand creates high-end, well-fitted, inclusive underwear of great feel, style, and colors.


Best Organic TRAINING Underwear

Made in Australia

Boody Organic Cotton Underwear
Boody Organic Underwear – thevou.com


“One of the best underwear and activewear labels from Australia, catering to women, men, and children, and praised for high-quality, comfort, style, and excellent prices.”

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PRICE RANGE | $15-$50

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Boody makes comfortable and breathable underwear from organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and other natural fabrics.

In the activewear line, the brand includes Nylon and spandex to create a unique underwear feel; soft, breathable, luscious, and thermo-regulating.

Boody’s eco underwear supports the trend for all things green and ethical, and it comes available in all sizes, from XS to XL.

The brand’s affordable and sustainable undergarments, athleisure wear, activewear, and even shapewear are comfortable for everyday wear.

I love the fabrics’ breathability, designed to keep cool in the summertime and warm in the winter.


Best STYLISH Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in Spain

Nude Label Organic Cotton Underwear
Nude Label Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“A Spanish underwear label renown for excellent quality hipster style underwear made from organic cotton grown without pesticides, herbicides, or other toxic chemicals.”

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PRICE RANGE | $15-$60

Nude Label was launched in 2014 to create sustainable underwear that feels like a second skin.

Nowadays, Nude Label makes all types of underwear from organic cotton grown locally in Mataro, a town close to Barcelona.

Each underwear piece is made from organic cotton certified with GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 Standard and has a uniquely soft, almost oily feeling.

To save money for material research and ensure customers embrace body inclusivity and self-acceptance, the label uses only friends and non-models in lookbooks and media campaigns.

I like Nude Label’s undies for the extra comfort it confers – there’s no use of pads or underwires in these undies.

The brand’s organic cotton underwear is refreshingly simple, with a neutral color palette, like a triangle mesh bra with a front cut-out.


Best CUTE Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Botanica Workshop Organic Cotton Underwear
Botanica Workshop Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“Designed for movement and comfort, Botanica Workshop’s undies have delicate proportions, similar to those find in high-end, designer, and luxury lingerie pieces, but at prices to die for.”

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PRICE RANGE | $35-$95

Botanica Workshop is an independent label focusing on underwear and loungewear made of organic cotton and sustainable materials.

Established in 2014, the brand was born from a need to produce natural intimates with a designer aesthetic and quality to match.

Botanica Workshop’s name comes from a combination of concepts: “Botanica” from the sustainable use of materials, and “Workshop” represents the experiential nature of producing handcrafted sustainable clothing.

The label partners with local artisans from Los Angeles, CA, to create limited edition petite underwear collections.

Some of the brand’s high-profile customers include Natalie Portman, Marisa Tomei, Shailene Woodley, Kirsty Hume, Emma Roberts, Julie Delpy, Karen O., Brit Marling, Elise Crombez, and Linder Sterling.


Best MATERNITY Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in Denmark

Underprotection organic cotton underwear


“Leading name in high-quality sustainable lingerie, organic cotton loungewear, hosiery, and women’s swimsuits for women, especially maternity underwear and maternity swimwear“

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PRICE RANGE | $20-$135

Underprotection is a Copenhagen-based sustainable swimwear, underwear, and lingerie company for women.

The Danish brand uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, TENCEL, Lyocell, Nylon, recycled wool, and even banana fibers to deliver high-end underwear of excellent aesthetics.

Moreover, most of the brand’s undies are vegan-approved, from bikini briefs to Supima cotton underwear and boy shorts in organic materials.

Those that are not are from recycled wool or a rescued organic resource – that would otherwise be wasted – such as milk.


Best HIGH-END Organic Cotton Underwear

Made in USA

Skin Organic Cotton Underwear
Skin Organic Cotton Underwear – thevou.com


“The brand’s naturally hypoallergenic organic Pima cotton material, blended with Lycra, will be molding on your body, shaping and enhancing your body curves and shapes.”

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PRICE RANGE | $25-$100

Skin is a New York-based underwear label that creates perfectly cut tanks, pajamas, and lingerie, with flattering cuts and elegant styles for everyday use.

The brand has a comprehensive collection of sexy lingerie and versatile underwear pieces made from organic bamboo that delivers in just about any situation.

Each piece is comfortable enough to wear under clothes and beautiful enough to wear as clothes.

I love the brand for its choice of clean and super-fine materials, exhibited as modern silhouettes and celebrations of the environment – and the human body’s most natural form.

Why should you buy Organic Cotton Underwear?

Seeking healthier lifestyles, people count calories and analyze the ingredients in their skincare routine, but what about underwear?

Underwear is the first garment you put on in the morning and the last layer you take off before shower and bedtime.

Organic cotton panties and basics are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and toxic dyes.

And, as undergarments rest around your private parts for at least 8-12 hours daily, sustainable underwear is essential to your health.

Above all, organic cotton underwear is not just cleaner and safer (for your skin) but also far more comfortable and breathable.


There you have it, 17 BEST organic cotton lingerie and underwear brands for women, men, children, and even toddlers.

Most brands use only natural materials, yet, there are labels on this list that still use a blend of organic with synthetic materials for increased elasticity.

Each one of these sustainable underwear brands is famous for creating high-quality eco-friendly basics, bras, lingerie, boxers, and briefs at super affordable prices.

However, all brands support any additional cost associated with recycling Nylon, using low-impact fabrics, organic plant-based dyes, and even plastic-free packaging.

Organic cotton underwear is an excellent choice not just for your skin but also if you fight against the climate crisis, pollution, and waste caused by fast fashion.

Whenever you purchase a pair of organic cotton underwear, you know it keeps you healthy and comfortable while saving the environment in a big way.

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What is your favorite underwear brand specialized in absorbent cotton undies, and why?

Do you prefer underwear in classic styles such as hipster panties or types of undies in sexy styles?

Do you prefer comfortable underwear in regular cotton over underwear with lace detailing in thinner material?

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