This New Device Is Like a Clarisonic for Your Scalp

This New Device Is Like a Clarisonic for Your Scalp

Last year was the year of the scalp brush: It seemed like every hair brand under the sun added one of those palm-size scalp brushes to their collections in an effort to boost our scalp- and hair-care regimens. Leave it to Luminess to take this concept to the next level by adding sonic power. Meet the AeroScalp Scalp Cleansing Device.

The Benefits:

For those with thinning hair in need of stimulatory boost to their hair follicles to promote growth, those with oily scalps, or those who use a lot of dry shampoo or other styling products and don’t wash their hair everyday (hello buildup!), this new device could really enhance your hair game. AeroScalp combines sonic power (like that in many facial cleansing brushes and toothbrushes) with oxygenated airflow to increase the lather of your shampoo and cleanse your scalp more effectively. Plus, it helps you use less shampoo because you can create more lather that spreads more easily (I always use too much shampoo!).

The bristles are made of soft, flexible silicone—it essentially feels like many of the manual scalp brushes I’ve tried—and when the device is powered on, it TK. It doesn’t spin (that would create a tangled mess), but rather pulsates, producing 13,000 sonic pulses per minute, which is way more than our fingertips could ever do by themselves. It also comes in three colors: Berry Metallic, Green Metallic and Blue Metallic. In a consumer study, 97 percent of participants agreed it was easy to use and 93 percent agreed it was gentle on their scalps.

How to Use It:

Apply shampoo (I used clarifying shampoo) all over as normal and then turn on the device and move it all over your scalp in a massaging motion. I’ve never used a device on my hair in the shower before, so it took me a minute to get used to it, but I loved the way it made my shampoo lather. Don’t expect a scalp massage—it’s very gentle—but my hair does feel cleaner and “lighter” after using it. I also tried it with a creamy scalp scrub, which worked really well.

It’s water-resistant, but not waterproof, meaning you can use it daily in the shower, but you shouldn’t submerge it in a bathtub. It’s battery-operated (it doesn’t come with the batteries though FYI) and it’s meant to add gentle massaging, meaning you don’t need to press it into your scalp. It should never hurt! The brand also advises not to use it on broken skin, such as a badly irritated scalp.

Price/Where to Buy: