3 Clever Ways to Do Prom on a Budget

Prom dress

An average American high schooler spends hundreds of dollars on the prom. From dress, shoes, and tickets to makeup and after-prom activities, the costs of attending this formal event can add up fast amidst the excitement. It’s never too early to start planning for ideas on how to do prom on a budget. With that said, here are three creative ways to save money on the prom. 

  • Shop for the Outfit Early 

The most straightforward way to get cute prom dresses at minimal costs is to shop for it way ahead of time. During the offseason, you can easily find a breathtaking dress at an affordable price. It’s also a wise decision to browse your local consignment shop for a cheap prom dress. Moreover, there are also several websites that offer designer brands at heavily discounted prices like CoutureCandy. 

  • Switch Up the Salons 

Instead of spending a hefty amount of money on salons, you can save a lot of money by getting your hair done at a local cosmetology school. This allows you to spend more on other prom needs and also supports local professionals. 

  • Skip the Nails 

If you’re on a tight budget, getting your nails done by a professional doesn’t seem to be an affordable option. Incorporating long gloves into your outfit is a better idea. Even with a prom dress under $100, the gloves add a nice touch of class to your overall look. 

Get Makeup Tips Online 

You’re so lucky that you have YouTube, where you can learn practically anything. With that said, it’s better to do your makeup yourself by watching a few videos instead of hiring a makeup artist. There are millions of tutorials, just a search away from you. The best part about doing the makeup yourself is that you can easily experiment with several things and find what works for you. 

Bottom Line

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you have a cheap prom dress under 100 or an expensive one that costs a fortune. The way you spend your time in the prom is what makes the real difference. Moreover, with the above tips in mind, you can always maintain a striking and elegant look without breaking your bank. So, keep your head held high and start preparing for the prom right away to make sure that you’re always ready for this formal event.

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