Woman finger for silky smooth hair? Here’s what an skilled claims



While searching by means of Facebook, we chanced on a movie that detailed how a person can do chemical-free of charge keratin procedure at home to get silky, straight hair. Intrigued, we viewed the online video, which has more than 24 million views, only to be told that the critical to smooth hair lies in woman finger or bhindi!

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Consider a look at the video clip below:


8 – Woman fingers
1 tbsp – Corn flour
1 tbsp – Coconut oil
1 tbsp – Almond oil


*Chop the girl finger into smaller pieces and boil it in drinking water for 10 minutes. Let it amazing down totally.
*Blend the combination in an electric mixer, and then strain it with the help of a muslin cloth.
*In another bowl, mix a tablespoon of corn flour with some water.
*Include this combination to the okra mixture, and transfer into a saucepan.
*Enable it boil in excess of lower flame. Stir repeatedly. When you get a creamy combination, switch off the stove. Permit it great down.
*Incorporate coconut oil and almond oil to the mixture.

How to apply?

*Divide your hair into sections and utilize the combination. Address your hair with a shower cap. Let it sit for two hrs.
*Wash your hair with water with no making use of any shampoo.

The video mentions that using the concoction two times a week will give you straight and silky hair. Not just that, according to the video clip, okra can help reinforce and lengthen the hair. It stops hair decline and also will help assist hair progress if applied above bald patches.

Is it doable have straight hair with okra? (Resource: Getty Pictures/Thinkstock)

What is keratin?

Keratin is the natural protein of the hair, which is existing in the cortex and cuticle, spelled out Dr Gulhima Arora, senior specialist dermatologist, Mehektagul Dermaclinic, New Delhi. “It gets depleted with age, environmental abuses, styling, poor diet plan, cigarette smoking etcetera,. main to frizzy and unmanageable hair. Replenishing it will help make the hair smoother, shinier, and far more manageable,” stated Dr Arora.

So, can okra be utilized on the hair?

Though as a vegetable, okra is not usually linked with haircare, it is mentioned to be a all-natural conditioner. Dr Arora explained to indianexpress.com, “It is an fascinating recipe for shinier and smoother hair, but will likely final for only a pair of washes. It will do the work of a conditioner and mask for a even though to temporarily get rid of the frizz.”


Okra is rich in phytokeratin (plant-based mostly keratin), micronutrients and natural vitamins. Having said that, in accordance to Dr Arora, consuming it orally may be worthwhile in enhancing the micro-ecosystem of the hair, “but, anticipating keratin and other nutrition to seep into the hair by making use of a concoction may possibly be a little bit much too far-fetched,” she explained.


In accordance to Dr Batra,

*Plant-centered keratins, like those existing in woman finger, are regarded to be — in some conditions — greater than people sourced conventionally from animal tissues like hooves, horns, hair or feathers, but their composition of amino acids is diverse and it may possibly not essentially go well with human hair.

*Keratin is a significant molecule and needs to be hydrolysed for it to be absorbed by the cuticle and cortical cells of the hair. Just applying it topically may bring about a operate-off in a clean or two, supplying only a smoother and shinier texture for a when. Hydrolysation will help in penetration by breaking down the big keratin molecule, but this process necessitates a proper laboratory placing with the use of enzymes and other chemical substances. Just heating okra and introducing cornflour and oils to the concoction are not able to do this. The hydrosylation procedure by itself comes at the price of sacrificing number of amino acids. The substantivity of the topical merchandise has to be right in phrases of molecular excess weight and pH for it to be attracted to the weakened hair internet site.

*When this paste of okra and other additives is utilized to the hair, it seals the cracks in ruined hair. The cuticular cells which are lifted and not positioned flat owing to injury, are manufactured to properly align with this hair mask performing as a cement. But there is no everlasting chemical bond remaining designed right here.

*Strengthening the manufacturing of keratin from within just by consuming a protein-prosperous food plan will, in the correct sense, support replenish dropped keratin. Topical software wants a appropriately formulated technological know-how for keratin to penetrate the hair which is not feasible with DIYs (do-it-yourself)!

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