What Has Worked Best for My Skin at 45



When I turned 40, I remember that milestone as one where I really started to notice the aging changes accumulating on my face. At that point, I was a treatment virgin and hadn’t tried any injectables or skin procedures as part of my routine. However, by then I knew it was time to finally go under the needle for a bit of filler and Botox Cosmetic.

Now, fast forward five years later and I’m closer to 50 than 35. One of the biggest skin-care discoveries I’ve made this year was adding laser resurfacing treatments to my anti-aging repertoire. What worked for me—and any aesthetic physician will tell you that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another—has been branching out to include a variety of noninvasive modalities like laser resurfacing and long-lasting fillers. Once I started to venture out beyond a sprinkle of Botox Cosmetic, I found my very own fountain of youth.

Forehead Lines, Crow’s Feet and Radial Cheek Lines 

I’ve consistently gone to see the same neurotoxin injectors over the last five years. West Palm Beach, FL Kenneth Beer, MD has treated me with either Botox Cosmetic or Jeuveau around my eyes for crow’s feet, in the glabella area to smooth my number 11’s and the radial cheek lines that extend past my crow’s feet and along my upper cheeks when I smile. For me, two visits a year for 50 units of neurotoxin works great to keep more wrinkles from forming.

Before and after a series of four Aerolase Neo treatments I had this year that helped even my complexion and minimize the melasma mustache that plagues me. I also noticed my upper lip and vermillion border were more defined as a result.

Nasolabial Folds and Facial Reshaping 

To address deepening smile lines, Dr. Beer used Restylane which he placed in my nasolabial folds. I was treated 22 months ago and the outcome has lasted much longer than the 6-18 month period that filler results are expected to last in this area. While I haven’t needed touch ups since then, I think the laser treatments I’ve had this year have also helped give my smile lines a plumper look.

For facial reshaping, Delray Beach, FL dermatologist Dr. Janet Allenby treated an area I would have never thought to have treated. According to Dr. Allenby, compensating for bone and fat loss helps to give a more rejuvenated look as you get older. She used Sculptra along my temples to not only fill any hollowness in the area, but to also stimulate collagen production. The longer-lasting poly-L-lactic acid-based filler will continue to improve over time and is said to last for up to two years. For the lower face, Botox Cosmetic injections helped slim my jawline by freezing the muscles that I overwork with nightly teeth clenching. The end result? A subtle, natural-looking improvement.

Minimizing Melasma

What has bothered me more than deep expression lines are the dark patches on my skin that have seemingly come out of nowhere. Thanks to hormonal changes happening in this decade, I’ve acquired a very-hard-to-conceal melasma mustache. Nothing has effectively lightened the pigment marks above my upper lip—until now. I’ve tried chemical peels, microneedling and over-the-counter skin brighteners, but the one treatment that made the biggest difference for my pigment concerns was a series of Aerolase Neo treatments I received at the Skincare By Amy Peterson spa in Miami Beach.

With each Aerolase treatment I could see my melasma lightening more and more. It works by delivering a focused beam of energy directly to the treatment area to break up and eliminate pigment patches with no downtime or pain. Consistency is key, so committing to multiple sessions was pivotal for success. After every other Aerolase treatment my results were boosted that same day with a Glytone Mandelic Peel. “This gentle alpha hydroxy acid peel is used to treat any pigment that has come onto the surface,” Peterson explained. What I loved besides the glow it gave me was how plump my skin appeared and how defined my upper lip looked just from the laser treatments.

While I hadn’t thought to expand my treatments beyond a few injections this year, just looking at my progress makes me glad that I did. Smoother, more even-toned skin at 45 is hard to come by, but with small “tweakments” here and there my skin is feeling, and looking, better than ever.