Tracee Ellis Ross Structured, Braided Updo Is Defying Gravity — See Photos


We all have that go-to hairstyle when we’re looking to pull our hair back and out of our faces. For me, it’s a low-back bun, and for Tracee Ellis Ross, it’s apparently an intricately braided ponytail. There’s no telling if this hairstyle is at all comfortable — it is holding up a handful of structured braids after all — but it’s definitely carrying its weight when it comes to creating a unique and functional hairstyle.

On Thursday, May 13, the actor posted a series of photos, full of joy as she smiled while showing off a few different angles of her take on a braided updo. Thanks to the many angles shown, I can’t find a single hair tie in sight, leading me to believe the braids were woven into each other, without any additional ponytail support. For someone that has a thick (and heavy) head of hair such as myself, I just can get past the fact that this is all braids. 

Zooming back into the details, the parted sections are sharp and exact, making it that much more impressive to look at, seeing as I can barely get one middle part straight and centered. Ross captioned the series of photos “working,” which can be can be translated in both the literal and metaphorical sense as she really is workin‘ this hairstyle.

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