Tips to maintain good dental health in the summer season




In summers, one is likely to consume desserts and cold drinks to beat the heat. This can not only impact the overall health, but may also have an adverse effect on dental health.

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Dr Yogita Tripathi Dubey, a paediatric dentist, warned against consuming sugary drinks excessively, mentioning that it is essential to stay hydrated to maintain proper dental health.

Avoid sugary drinks and foods

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We tend to consume more sugary liquids and soda in summers to quench our thirst. “Excess sugar consumption can lead to plaque formation and can serve as a perfect environment for bacteria to colonise and multiply. This can further lead to tooth damage. You should avoid sugary drinks like cold drinks and opt for healthy fruits and fruit juices.”

Avoid chewing ice

Directly chewing on ice can exacerbate your tooth pain, warned the doctor. “Especially in summers, chewing on ice can lead to sudden temperature variation in the oral cavity. This unexpected thermal change causes sensitivity and pain.”

Keep yourself hydrated

Water is important to keep oral health. Citing the effect of dehydration on dental health, she said, “When you are dehydrated in summers, saliva flow is reduced in the oral cavity. Saliva helps in self cleansing as it washes away food particles and bacteria, thus preventing plaque formation. Sipping water in regular intervals can save you from tooth pain, bleeding gums and halitosis.”

Keep your lips hydrated

Dr Yogita explained melanin deposition is low in lips as compared to other parts of the body. “We tend to apply sunscreen to avoid heat in summers but forget to take care of our lips. Apply lip balms and have sufficient water to keep your lips hydrated,” she said.

Pop vitamins

The doctor talked about the importance of consuming vitamin C during summers. She said, “Summer leads to dehydration which further leads to weakness, tremors and nausea. It is advisable to take vitamin C to keep your gums healthy and multivitamins to cope with dehydration.”

Vitamin C for dental health The expert encourages to consume Vitamin C to keep your gums healthy. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Don’t forget to visit your dentist

“One of the most common mistakes people make is that they don’t visit the dentist every six months. In case people have a stomach pain, they rush to the gastroenterologist immediately. But they do not prefer to go to the dentist for a single tooth until and unless the pain is unbearable,” Dr Yogita concluded.

In addition to this, she insisted on paying careful attention to one’s dental health by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly.

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