TikTok’s Favorite Fragrance Auntie Funmi Monet Made a Perfume That’s a “Privilege” to Smell — Interview




Alternatively, #BlackGirlLuxury is criticized for promoting hyper-consumerism, unrealistic expectations, and unhealthy spending habits. In my opinion, fragrance has been on the rise simply because it is a luxury item that the average person can find room for in their lives. While a Chanel bag, Range Rover, or luxury vacation to the Maldives may be out of reach for the average person, a luxury/designer fragrance is something that they can splurge on that still makes them feel just as special.

Allure: As a licensed therapist, how would you say feeling and smelling beautiful adds to one’s own self-care and wellness practice?

FM: Daily rituals are a huge reason behind the success of the “self-care” movement. The idea is that through skin care, exercise, fragrance, etc. you’re tapping into things that you can practice routinely to show up for yourself. Perfume can be something you wear intimately to enjoy for yourself or become a statement that lets the world know who you are.

Allure: Speaking of, how do you balance being a therapist and a successful content creator? What does your day typically look like?

FM: I love being a therapist and social media content creator equally, so I make sure I delegate time in my day to do both to the best of my abilities. My mornings start around 6 a.m. with meditation or a workout. I enjoy this quiet time to plan out my day. I spend the first half of the day seeing clients virtually and in person on certain days, as well as reviewing client files, treatment plans, and any continuing education courses I’m enrolled in. 

The second half of my day is fondly referred to as the “second shift.” After an early dinner, I look at my content schedule and spend a few hours recording and editing content as well as responding to DMs, comments, and emails from my followers and potential brand partnerships. It’s important for me to have a schedule each day of what I need to do so that I’m managing both parts of my life while also making time for myself.

Allure: How has social media, especially TikTok, helped inform your own brand/business? How does your online community help you?

FM: I use social media as a temperature check regarding the types of content my audience enjoys engaging with, as well as a way to shape my brand. I use a mixture of educational, lifestyle, and humorous content to share my opinion on fragrances I try and my experiences wearing them. A few months ago, someone referred to me as their “fragrance auntie” because they appreciate the openness with which they can interact with me as well as the honesty with which I share my reviews. Since then the “your fave fragrance auntie” moniker took off and I’ve embraced sharing content with my audience with the same enthusiasm I would with any of my homegirls.


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