This Two-Step Bronzer Trick Is Going Viral For Creating Kate Moss’ Sculpted Cheeks




Kate Moss is known for many things, among them her sculpted, perfectly contoured cheeks. Cheeks sharp enough to slice have long been chic but the look is challenging to achieve without Moss’ genes. Now, thanks to TikTok, which seems to have endless hacks, we can all attain the British supermodel’s chiseled cheeks in seconds.

In May, TikToker Ali Martin shared her “Kate Moss trick” to nail the supermodel’s sculpted cheeks with just a bronzer and her fingertips. Martin demonstrates applying the bronzer of her choice onto the hollows of her cheeks “to intensify definition.”

Martin inspired other TikTokers to try their hand at the technique. Alixandria Capparelli and Elizabeth both tested out the hack successfully. Capparelli shared a tip to try using a darker bronzer to achieve the look.

If you’ve not been born with the sharp cheekbones of Moss that peer out from posters across the world, you need to try this hack. Grab your favorite bronzer and get going.

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