This Line Produces Amazing Benefits After Facial Trauma or Radiation Exposure

This Line Produces Amazing Benefits After Facial Trauma or Radiation Exposure


When Richmond, VA plastic surgeon Ruth L. Hillelson, MD, saw her patient’s face completely healed after a severe fall that resulted in extensive facial trauma, she immediately asked how she healed so quickly. Without hesitation, her longtime patient proudly bragged it was due to a dedicated skin care plan using Dr. Hillelson’s unique, proprietary Iridesse®  line of medical grade skin products.

“It was such a surprise to me,” shared Dr. Hillelson about her patient’s self-prescribed recovery plan. “I didn’t know she had experienced this injury, nor that she was using my products to help heal her wounds.” After tripping on a water hose, this patient fell to the ground, striking her face and suffering numerous open facial wounds. “I had not seen her initial injuries. I just saw that her skin looked thicker, lustrous and more radiant since the last time I had consulted with her and I commented on how great she looked. That’s when she showed me a selfie of her facial injuries after the fall. She had long been a regular user of Iridesse® products and had taken it upon herself to use the Iridesse®  serum as the wounds healed.”

Genesis Factor 

The entire Iridesse®  product line—which consists of the Omega Skin Repair Serum, Night Nutrient Crème, Day Brilliance Crème, Me Body Silk Restoration, Eye Love It Eye Cream and Kiss Lip Treatment—is consistently formulated with Genesis Factor® , a proprietary growth factor stimulant. “Basically, it stimulates the skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin for much younger appearing skin, but it also enhances inherent skin repair mechanisms,” explains Dr. Hillelson. “Typically, to make skin look better aesthetically, we use lasers, microneedling or various peels—all these treatments that promote skin healing. With Iridesse, there is a natural stimulant to enhance the wound repair mechanism, so you get the better results without needing the treatments.”

With a background in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Hillelson spent months directing a burn unit, researching and working with patients in need of serious wound healing. “It became my passion to develop a skin care line with scientific validity that achieves dermal penetration and is able to create more collagen and elastin skin components,” she says. “The Omega Serum, which is the newest product in the Iridesse® line, is packed with defensins, as well as the Genesis Factor® and hyaluronic acid. My patient with the facial trauma was religious about using this serum twice each day.  In most circumstances, I recommend patients use it once daily, usually at night when the skin is more dormant, but this patient, with all her lacerations and abrasions, doubled the frequency.”

Anti-Aging Benefits

Recently, Dr. Hillelson treated a 72-year-old patient who had undergone Thermage radiofrequency procedures on her mid-face and neck and who was also using the Night Crème as her primary skin care.  Her results were phenomenal. “I hadn’t seen her in six months and her skin was wonderfully radiant. It looked nearly like a surgical result. I asked her if she had done anything additional since her Thermage treatment and she responded no, she’d only been using Iridesse Night Crème.  Even I was impressed.” 

While there are many Iridesse consumers who are not patients of Dr. Hillelson, her clientele has proven the true-life results that Iridesse’s Genesis Factor® can produce. “It’s nice to hear from patients who will say to me they use one Iridesse® product or another in a particular way, demonstrating its unique potential to influence skin recovery, which has been very satisfying.”