This Celeb-Loved Candle Company Is Older Than the United States



Trudon was founded in 1643 (over 130 years before the U.S.!) and is beloved by home decor accounts on Instagram and celebrities alike, including Jennifer Connelly, Amy Sedaris, Ryan Seacrest and Alexa Chung. How does a heritage brand this old stay relevant in the 21st century as one of the most beloved fragrance brands? We talked to creative director Julien Pruvost about how Trudon’s candles and fragrances continue to stand the test of time.

On what continues to inspire the brand…

“As the creative director of Trudon, I like to bring sincerity to the table. This includes infusing meaning into the product names and introducing concepts that bring us forward. When possible, I like to infuse spiritual aspects, as well.

I feel pressure to live up to certain achievements of the past. During the 17th and 18th centuries, we were the royal wax manufacturers. Under Louis XIV, that’s when the idea of ‘luxury from craft brought to its epitome’ was born. We owe so much to that era and must pay tribute to this. To do so, we must continue to be the manufacturer of our products. We must strive to make the best products possible.

However, we don’t stray from the techniques that make Trudon exceptional. [Created] hand in hand with talented perfumers, Trudon’s fragrances are the result of careful development. All the candles are handmade in the Trudon factory in Normandy, France. Everything from the wicks to the pouring of the wax and the packaging is perfectly made. Trudon candles are timeless.”

On how the brand has continued to stay relevant for so long…

“A constant celebration of new thoughts and new voices is what guarantees that the historic house continues to offer a truly modern and compelling outlook. For example, the Balmain x Trudon Candle ($180) that launched in early 2022 is a compelling study in how historic brands innovate and collaborate to stay relevant to a modern audience.

Trudon also holds a commitment to premium materials while exemplifying a greater focus on the environmental impact of their products as seen with the Cire collection. Another recent product range, the Alabasters, with a new scent launching this September, underscores their commitment to materiality. We asked, ‘What can we do in addition to glass?’ We found a quarry in Spain and its related manufacturer. They transform alabaster into all kinds of shapes—now including these Trudon vessels. I was drawn to the fact that alabaster is a historic material that runs through various ancient civilizations. It’s very touching to see this rock being morphed into a vessel. It’s very soft and easy to sculpt, yet fragile. You need to know what you’re doing. As the material is also translucent, it captures light in a very particular way. There’s a glow to the object that’s different than your usual candlelight. It’s simply beautiful.”

On his favorite Trudon scents…

“I would say that our three most popular scents are Ernesto, Abd el Kader and Solis Rex. Although my personal favorites these days are Spiritus Sancti and Cire.”

On Trudon’s mission to protect the dark bees…

“Located in Mortagne-au-Perche (Normandy) since 1901, Trudon is part of the Perche Regional Nature Park. The Nature Park’s mission is to protect the environment through actions that help preserve its biodiversity and raise awareness of and devotion to the local patrimony.

With its roots in the territory, Maison Trudon’s participation in a project to protect local endangered species makes perfect sense. In 2018 the company committed financially to the Nature Park in a measure to preserve the region’s biodiversity. In partnership with the local Orne Dark Bee Conservatory, Maison Trudon helps protect the European dark bee, an endemic species and an essential link in the region’s biodiversity chain but threatened by intensive agriculture and industrial beekeeping practices. The partnership comes as the perfect illustration of Cire Trudon’s motto since 1643: ‘Deo regique laborant,’ or ‘They (the bees) work for God and the King.’

The Orne Dark Bee Conservatory is a key player in the Nature Park. Its main goal is to monitor the genetic pool of the local dark bee populations in conditions that resemble as closely as possible life in the wild. This commitment seeks to guarantee the bee’s presence as a vital pollinator and the gradual reintroduction of this hardy species. Maison Trudon is joining forces with the Orne Dark Bee Conservatory because it feels as strongly as the conservatory about the values of conservation and good beekeeping practices as they relate to the life habits of the dark bee.

Maison Trudon is committed to this project: it participates directly and financially in the establishment of conservancy actions. In addition, four percent of all sales of the Maison’s Cire candle will go toward the project.”

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