Thirty As well as Summer SALE PICKS




screen: grid
grid-gap: 15px
grid-template-columns: repeat( car-suit, minmax( 10px, automobile ) )

.wpfi-submit-pictures img
display: block

.wpfi-put up-visuals–no-margin
grid-hole: !vital

@media( max-width: 1024px )
grid-template-columns: minmax( 10px, 1fr )
grid-hole: 25px

.wpfi-put up-visuals–offset > *
width: 85%
margin: car

.wpfi-publish-pictures–offset > *:first-of-type,
.wpfi-put up-images–offset > *:last-of-style
width: 55%

.wpfi-put up-images–offset > *:initial-of-kind
margin-still left:

.wpfi-post-illustrations or photos–offset > *:final-of-sort

@media( min-width: 1025px )
.wpfi-put up-pictures–offset
grid-template-columns: minmax( 10px, 4fr ) minmax( 10px, 7fr ) minmax( 10px, 4fr )

.wpfi-post-pictures–offset > *:last-of-form
-webkit-align-self: flex-conclude
align-self: flex-conclude

.wpfi-write-up-visuals–staggered-columns div:nth-boy or girl( 3n-2 ),
.wpfi-article-photos–staggered-columns a:nth-kid( 3n-2 )
grid-column: 1 / span 2

@media( max-width: 1024px )
#block-block_62b8fc9a83e1e.wpfi-publish-photographs:not( .wpfi-write-up-visuals–offset )
grid-template-columns: repeat( 3, 1fr)

@media( min-width: 1025px )
#block-block_62b8fc9a83e1e.wpfi-article-images:not( .wpfi-write-up-pictures–offset )
grid-template-columns: repeat( 3, 1fr)

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