These New $40 H&M Sandals Look Quadruple the Price




I browse our readers’ favorite online retailers daily, looking for great pieces to include in my stories. But sometimes, I come across an item so good that it deserves its very own write-up. And that, my friends, leads up to H&M’s newest heeled sandals. To me, they checked all the boxes: trendy yet wearable, affordable, and fully in stock in shoe sizes 4 to 11. What’s not to love? Oh, and the neutral color ensures they’ll go with every outfit under the sun. No, this isn’t an ad—just a fashion editor not wanting to gatekeep my finds! 

The H&M Braided Sandals ($40) could easily pass as designer because of the beautiful rope design. So far, they only have one review, but it’s a glowing five-star rating that sings the shoes’ praises. If you’re not into heels, H&M also has a cute pair of flat sandals with a similar braided-rope design that’s also worth a look. Scroll down to shop the sandals du jour as well as other options. 


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