The Retinol Cream Bethenny Frankel Says Is ‘Phenomenal’



The queen of 60-second beauty reviews, Bethenny Frankel, has taken to TikTok again, and this time, she’s giving a thumbs-up to a new retinol she just added to her routine.

“I want to put it back together and give this as a gift, but I put my paws in it—and now it’s mine. But I actually don’t; I want to own it!” the 51-year-old former Real Housewife and Skinnygirl founder said of Saint Jane Beauty (she just discovered the brand) Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair with Retinol ($70).

The luxe, lavender-hued cream promises to help “soften” dark spots, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep via .5-percent retinol and a whole bunch of botanical oils.

“It’s rich, it’s nice. It says it has a little retinol in it and a fine-line complex…I just want to say ‘thumbs-up on this brand.’ It feels legitimately phenomenal.”

Also part of the glowing review: An A-plus for the brand’s antioxidant-rich Luxury Lip Shine ($28).

“They threw some CBD in this. It does feel luxurious. It has that feel! That expensive feel—when you got it, you got it.”