The Next-Generation ‘Soft Peel’ That Already Pre-Sold 6,000 Units



Settle on in for a skin-care tale of a supremely luxurious and already-successful product that officially goes on-sale tomorrow: It’s waterless, travel-friendly, fast, effectively exfoliating—and safe for sensitive skin—and has a ton of solid ingredients.

But that’s just for starters. It also boasts a very buzz-worthy statistic of pre-selling 6,000 SKUs as of today (according to the brand, it’s its best pre-sell of a new product in terms of units—ever).

Meet Sisley-Paris’ brand-new Exfoliating Enzyme Mask ($135): A just-add-water, works-for-all-skin-types powder mask—the company refers to it as a “next-generation soft peel” and says it’s best to classify it as a “cross between an exfoliant and a mask”—that is formulated with the hero ingredient of papain, from the naturally exfoliating fruit enzyme of papaya, essential oils of lavender and marjoram intended to calm, and vitamin B3, which delivers a boost of radiance.

The one-minute hybrid is easy to use: You mix a little bit of water in the palm of your hand and the purifying powder transforms into a rich cream-foam that you apply to both the face and neck and then wash off.

And the glow-worthy results really are rather visible right away—there’s no redness, and it doesn’t interfere with any other products in an existing routine. Plus, the nice insurance that it won’t leave a sopping mess in your suitcase, pretty much makes it a winner.