The 49 Best Summer Fashion Picks Under $49




Straightforward enough, right? Here, you’ll find 49 summer-ready finds to carry you through the season, all under $49 and, of course, all handpicked by yours truly. There is no need to thank me because, in all honesty, this endeavor felt more like “me” time than work. With seemingly more events and activities on the horizon than ever, I have suddenly found myself in need of more clothes and accessories than my budget is really built for, so affordability is key to making my sartorial dreams a reality right now.

On the same page and ready to start shopping? Just keep scrolling for all 49 of my under-$49 finds for summer, including everything from swimwear and sandals to dresses and shorts. When you’re done, don’t forget to brush up on the latest trends so that you can truly feel ready to make the most of the coming fashion season.


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