The $3 Mascara This TikTok Star Says Is Amazing

The $3 Mascara This TikTok Star Says Is Amazing


In what may be summer’s most steal-worthy, social-approved beauty buy, TikTok’s is taking her 350,000-plus followers to task, insisting that they “need to try” Wet n Wild’s Mega Length Mascara.

Ringing in at $3, Katie (her bio is also mascara-focused so it’s safe to say she’s swiped on a few) says she’s “in love with” the “affordable and underrated” lengthening pick from the drugstore-staple brand that’s been around for 40 years.

The positive outpouring of accolades is further supported by a legit before-and-after video, which clearly shows solid, show-stopping lash results from the vitamin E–powered formulation that’s both ophthamologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers.

With 36,000 likes, the majority of her loyal viewers agree: “One of the best,” said one commenter, while another in-agreement follower tagged it as “her favorite mascara.”

Target reviewers also solidify the claims, giving the mascara a 4.3 rating out of 582 stars and specifically calling out the specialness of the spoolie brush for application.

“I love this mascara! I have tried a few other ones, but this is my favorite!” said one reviewer. “The brush is small and simple, which I love! It’s more of the natural mascara look! My eyelashes are curly and long already so this goes so well with me…no clumps or anything!”