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Few pieces in fashion boast the influence or staying power of the trench coat. There’s arguably no more versatile piece of outerwear; a traditional trench is light enough for in-between seasons but sturdy enough to withstand chill, and its iconic silhouette can turn a pair of the best high-waisted leggings and a T-shirt runway-ready. (Just ask Gigi Hadid.) Whether long or short, cropped or oversized, leather or fur, belted or loose, khaki or colorful, the trench’s signature features—a draped fit, a breasted collar, and a so-called storm flap—make it easily remixed for decades to come.

First popularized during World War I—the conflict’s infamous trench warfare beget the coat’s “trench” moniker—the pieces proved essential for British officers, who wanted lightweight and weatherproof jackets to protect them (and to set them apart from lower-ranking soldiers). Although both Burberry and Aquascutum take credit for designing the first trench, the look has become so ubiquitous that it inspired thousands of imitations and interpretations. That’s a good thing for fashion fiends, but it makes the process of uncovering the right trench coat women want to wear even trickier. Ahead, we’ve compiled our favorites at numerous price points and in a variety of styles to help you on your hunt. In the words of one famous trench-wearer: “The answer is out there.”

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The Best Budget Pick

Single Breasted Long Trench Coat

  • Classic style
  • Budget-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Detachable hood and epaulettes
  • Warm enough for cold weather
  • Too long if you’re below 5’4”

London Fog’s dominion in the outerwear space is well-established, but what makes this particular design such a hit is how it marries sophistication and quality with utility and affordability. Less than $120 for a long-lasting trench coat is a steal—and it’s machine washable, no less!

A Classic

Pedley Double-Breasted Trench Coat

  • Timeless and long-lasting
  • Gorgeous fit
  • Dry clean only
  • High price point

The OG of trench coats, the double-breasted Burberry is a worthy investment, both for its quality and its timelessness. Not a single season will pass without this bad boy—or various copycats—finding its place on the runway.

Something Lightweight

Cotton-Linen Trench Coat

  • Soft and breezy
  • Great layering piece
  • Machine washable
  • Not warm enough for cold weather

Layering is an essential part of what makes fall and spring fashion so innovative. A lightweight layer like this cotton-linen trench from Madewell is an affordable way to elevate a look instantly.

A Faux-Leather Style

Tabloid Trench Coat

  • Stunning fabric
  • Warm but not toasty
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Runs large
  • A bit heavy
  • Dry clean only

If you haven’t been paying attention, faux leather is back in a big way, from jackets and pants to, apparently, trench coats. The buttery-soft material of this Babaton trench alone is enough to add to cart, but it’s an instantly elegant outfit upgrade to boot.

A Faux-Fur Style

Sherpa Trench

  • Soft and cozy
  • Warm enough for cold weather
  • Machine washable
  • Runs large
  • No front closure

While not a classic trench in the most technical sense, the silhouette of this faux fur coat suggests a trench influence—and, besides, the teddy material is all the rage. Size down to ensure you don’t get swallowed in all that fluff.

A Denim Style

Denim Utility Volume Sleeve Trench Coat

  • Flattering shape
  • Can be worn as jacket or dress
  • Not actual denim
  • Dry clean only

I’m a sucker for any piece of outerwear that doubles as a finished outfit. This trench-cum-dress in denim-like cotton features a belted waist, peplum flare and pleated sleeves—more than enough to hold its own on the catwalk.

An Extra-Long Fit

Double Breasted Duster Trench Coat

  • Full coverage
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Soft but structured
  • Machine washable
  • Not warm enough for cold weather

A duster-length coat worn with a mini dress and boots? Always chic. Never misses. Best of all, this particular style is soft, sturdy and less than $75, meaning you can cure your closet envy without draining your bank account.

A Mid-Length Fit

Knee-High Trench Coat

  • Goes with everything
  • A transitional staple

A typical trench falls to the mid-calf or lower, but for a slightly sportier, more casual style, a knee-high trench is an excellent compromise.

A Cropped Fit

Cropped Trench Jacket

  • Great layering piece
  • Machine washable
  • True to size
  • Not warm enough to wear alone

For a much more modern spin, Thakoon’s moto-like cropped trench effortlessly imbues any look—dressy or casual—with a cool, youthful edge. The silhouette is looser and boxier than the typical cinched trench, so keep that in mind when selecting a size.

An Oversized Fit

Oversized Reflective Trench Coat

  • Eye-catching look
  • Detachable waist belt

Designers know it’s a fool’s errand to reinvent the trench silhouette, so instead of re-tailoring a classic, many have opted instead to play with texture and color. Take Danz, for instance—their oversized trench features a plastic-like reflective fabric made of vegan leather. The material instantly distinguishes the look from its khaki counterparts.

A Tailored Fit

Outdoor Cotton Tailored Trench Coat

  • High-quality fabric
  • Flattering fit
  • Professional clean only
  • High price point

As much as Y2K fashion loves an oversized fit, nothing outlasts the classic look of a well-tailored coat. Lafayette 148’s Italian cotton pieces are particularly stunning, cut to fit the body as naturally as a second skin.

A plus-size fit

Plus Size Leather Trench Coat

  • Inclusive size range
  • Snap front closure

“Oversized” and “plus-size” are not synonymous, contrary to what many designers seem to think, and not all trench coats are made equal when it comes to flattering curvy bodies. But this affordable pick from Jessica London fits up to a size 28 beautifully.

A Transitional Favorite

Heritage Journey Trench Coat

  • Classic look
  • True to size
  • Machine washable
  • Not warm enough for cold weather

A gorgeous, classic cut at an affordable price point, Banana Republic’s heritage trench features a stunning surprise once you un-belt the coat: The interior is lined with a map-printed fabric. It’s the details that count.

A Chic Print

The Gathered Drape Trench

  • Soft and lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Runs large
  • Not warm enough for cold weather

While the most well-known trenches come in khaki, black and olive, there’s no reason not to experiment with patterns—and the checkered design on this Everlane coat is as timeless as the piece it’s printed on.

A High-Fashion Take

Evia Silk Scarf Trench Coat

  • 100% silk
  • Scarf neck design
  • High price point
  • Dry clean only

Effortlessly luxurious draping is a point of pride for The Row, and that extends to its creative spin on a classic trench, which incorporates a khaki silk scarf as opposed to the typical double-breasted collar. If only Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe could have slipped one of these on…

A Sporty Look

Girl On The Go Insulated Trench Coat

  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable and removable hood
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable

A far cry from the typical trench but nevertheless a closet staple, Eddie Bauer’s waterproof athletic trench is a must-have for bikes, hikes, and all-terrain antics in any weather.

A Colorful Splash

Marker Test Oversized Trench Coat

  • High price point
  • Spot clean only

I’m a firm believer that rain coats should add color to an otherwise dreary, stormy day. Christopher John Rogers apparently shares the same philosophy; his colorful waterproof trench coat is a vision to behold.

A Stunning Detail

Braided Belt Trench Coat

  • Partially lined
  • Machine washable
  • Not warm enough for cold weather

Remember when I said it’s the details that count? A teeny change in detail on a traditional trench design makes a big statement, as we can glean from the beautiful braided belt on this Vince coat.

An Unorthodox Silhouette

Wool Drape-Sleeve Trench Coat

  • 100% wool
  • Warm enough for cold weather
  • Oversized fit
  • High price point
  • Dry clean only

Just because the typical silhouette doesn’t need an update shan’t imply it’ll never get one. For their take on a trench, Chloé opted for a breathtaking pair of draped sleeves, transforming the coat into a couture cape.

A Unique Collar

Relaxed Trench

  • Relaxed fit
  • Machine washable
  • Water-repellant
  • Not warm enough for cold weather

A cut designed by flower petals makes the collar on this cotton-blend Cuyana trench instantly eye-catching.

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