The 15 Best High-End Foundations, Hands Down




I’m not going to lie to you. Before I became a beauty editor, my foundation options always came straight from the aisles of my local CVS. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with drugstore foundation. In fact, many pricier foundation formulas are actually not much different than the ones you find at the drugstore. But there is also an argument in favor of high-end foundations that I’m willing to present today. Having had the privilege to try so many next-level formulas at this point, I’ve found there are a few that are worth the extra dollars spent. 

Sometimes, spending a little more means you’re getting an innovative product filled with ingredients traditional foundations may not have. I know some of you might still be on the fence about investing your hard-earned money in a simple base product, but if you are excited to see what the luxury end of the spectrum has to offer you, keep scrolling. Skeptics are also welcome.


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