The 11 Best Cuticle Oils For Cracked, Dry Nails




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You can judge the amount of stress I’m under based on my cuticles alone. Are they peeling, dry, possibly even bloody? Then it’s been a bad week of picking at my nails. But dry, flakey cuticles and damaged nails can happen whether they’re self-inflicted or not. Cold weather, harsh soaps, or plain old genetics can play a huge role. But taking care of your cuticles is actually one of the easiest, least-time consuming ways to level up your hands’ pretty factor.

Cuticle oils are essentially your nail’s moisturizer. Whenever your nails or cuticles need a little T.L.C., just dab on a drop of cuticle oil and the results are instantaneous. Cuticle oils can cure everything from dry, cracked cuticles to breaking nails that can’t seem to grow long. Here, find the 11 best cuticle oils to cure every nail problem under the sun.

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Best For Weak Nails


Nail & Cuticle Care


Best For Irritated Cuticles

Sally Hansen

Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil


Best For Bare Nail Enthusiasts


Art Of The Manicure Nail Care Trio Kit


Best For Nail Growth


Keratin Infused Cuticle Oil


Best For Spring


Scented Cuticle Oil


Best for Dry Cuticles


Nourish Nail + Cuticle Oil Coconut


Best For Spa Experience


Revitalizing Cuticle Oil


Best For Travling


Cuticle Oil Pen


Best To Soften Cuticles

ella + mila

Oil Me Up Cuticle Oil


Best Lightweight Oil


Milk and Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil


Best Overnight Treatment


Argan Oil Cuticle Drops

Think of cuticle oils as a moisturizer for your nails and cuticles. “Cuticle oil moisturizes and hydrates the skin which will soften, moisturize and hydrate your cuticles,” says Lee.


How often can people use a cuticle oil?

Whenever you feel like your nails or cuticles could do with a little T.L.C. “You can use cuticle oil as often as you need! I love using Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil 2-3 times a day since my skin can be a bit dry, especially in the colder months. The benefits of the vitamin E do wonders on my nails,” adds Lee. If your cuticles aren’t very dry, you could always use cuticle oils on days when you refresh your mani.


Is it possible to over-hydrate your cuticles?

Nope! “I believe there is no such thing as overusing cuticle oil,” says Lee. “I’ve found the more the better! One of my favorite things is to apply cuticle oil and a hand moisturizer then wear gloves for an hour or so allow everything to soak in. My hands and nails look brand new every time.”


What are the benefits of using a cuticle oil in your routine?

Whether you’re looking for hydrated, strong, or long nails, a cuticle oil can help make that happen. “There are many benefits of using cuticle oil,” says Lee. “It hydrates your cuticles to replenish any dry skin. It can also stimulate nail growth when applied and massaged in. It can also strengthen weak nails and prevent hangnails.”


When should you apply cuticle oil?

If you’ve been using a lot of stripping ingredients, like soap or hand sanitizer, you may want to apply cuticle oil more often. “Sometimes it’s needed more often than others, like in winter, or if you’re washing your hands a lot,” says Lee. “It’s a good idea to get into a routine when applying if you’d like nice looking nail beds all the time.”


Do you need to wash off cuticle oil?

No, which makes it one of the easiest, most low-maintenance ways to keep up on your nail care. “It’s best to leave on cuticle oil after you have massaged it in, to allow the skin to soak it up and hydrate,” says Lee.

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