Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard on Lasers, Sexual Wellness and the Vitamin C Face Oil She Loves

Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard on Lasers, Sexual Wellness and the Vitamin C Face Oil She Loves


For its summer campaign, intimate wellness brand Queen V is teaming up with Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera—a duo that’s never afraid to talk about “taboo subjects” via candid conversations. In keeping with that theme, we recently caught up with Hubbard who shared her take on the line, the last laser treatment she received and, of course, her summer essentials.

What made you choose to partner with this brand?

“Vaginal wellness is something that all women have to think about and prioritize, especially during the summer months when we are faced with different elements like the beach, pool, and hot, humid weather. I decided to partner with QueenV because as a woman who enjoys running around outside each summer, I appreciate QueenV’s focus on feminine hygiene, wellness and comfort.”

Do you think the conversation on intimate wellness is changing?

“I do think there is more of an open dialogue now, more than ever, surrounding intimate wellness and sexual health. As societal standards and norms have shifted the past 10 years, and sex positivity is embraced instead of shamed, the stigma of talking about it is withering away slowly but surely. And of course, because the general conversation is changing, the correlating sub conversations, such as sexual wellness, can be incorporated more into the norm.”

You are known for ‘Summer House’—any favorite summer beauty products?

“Because I did so much damage to my skin growing up in the hot Florida sun, I really try to protect my face now when I’m in the sun as an adult – not to mention, sun damage ages us so much, and we film all summer long in the sunshine. It might be easier to list a few of my favorite summer skin-care products: Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Tumeric face oil, ISDIN Photo Ageless tinted sunscreen 50SPF, It Cosmetics CC cream 50+SPF, Archipelago Botanicals Charcoal Rose Body Lotion, and dpHue Texture Spray.”

What is the one beauty product you’ve used forever?

“People might be shocked to hear this—or maybe not—but it’s Aquaphor. I cannot leave the house without a tube of Aquaphor in my purse. I use it under my eyes, and on my lips as a chapstick/lip gloss. It’s so funny when people often ask me on Instagram what lip color I am wearing, and nine times out of 10, it’s just Aquaphor.”

Are there any derm treatments you swear by?

“Honestly, this is one of my favorite questions to answer. I have been seeing my current dermatologist, Dr. Georgina Ferzli at Sadick Dermatology in NYC, for about three years now. And since I started seeing her, my skin has dramatically improved due to the consistent laser face treatments we have done to help get rid of old acne scarring, discoloration and texture issues. On average, I get two laser treatments done per year and they range from a fractional, to microneedling, to a CO2 laser. The last laser treatment I did was about a month ago, and it was the CO2 laser. Yes, these treatments are NOT cheap. They cost a lot of money, but they are worth it when you look back on the damage you’ve done over the years.”