Slice and Bake Cookie Recipe—It’s Sweet, Spicy, and Santa’s Fave



Slice and bake cookie recipes are my jam. Possibly it’s due to the fact I obtain those pre-packaged Pillsbury cookies with the outlines of a Xmas tree or a reindeer so nostalgic. Or it’s possible it’s because they are the greatest make-ahead dessert. (The actuality that, at a moment’s detect, you can whip out a batch of cookies is just as well very good to move up.) It’s protected to say I have been on cookie-overload these past several months and I’ve been seeking for one thing a minor different for the back again half of December.

I indicate, really don’t get me incorrect, I love the flavor of butter and prosperous chocolate, but it is exactly that: tremendous-prosperous. I really do not know about you, but I’ve been craving lighter and brighter flavors in my cookies. So, when I started off pondering about what goes into my excellent cookie, I began to enjoy around with the elements in my parents’ pantry to produce the final slice and bake cookie recipe.

I required one thing vivid, a minor salt to slash through the sweetness, and a tart bite that would wake me up a bit. So lo and behold, I stumbled on a Xmas miracle with the ultimate taste combo in these cookies underneath.

When I assume about elements that support reduce via sweetness, my intellect to start with went to the bag of dried cranberries that my father makes use of in his homemade granola and the pile of oranges that my mother always in her fruit bowl. Cranberries incorporate a delicious tartness to any recipe while enjoying perfectly off the sweetness, and orange zest brings a citrusy brightness that lifts all the things up and keeps it from becoming much too significant.

Pistachios, which my father usually treats on, also incorporate a terrific crunch and a bit of saltiness. I use roasted and salted pistachios in my slice and bake cookie recipe since I like the flavor, but you could use raw pistachios as properly. As well as, it feels so classic for pistachios and cranberries to increase the pink and green festive vibes. To round almost everything out (and due to the fact I assume it is the fantastic spice for sweets) I utilised some freshly ground cardamom for a little bit of floral warmth. The spice pairs so perfectly with the orange and cranberry. And due to the fact it’s the vacations, I just experienced to include a drizzle of white chocolate.

My brother tried using a several of these straight out of the oven and he was obsessed, contacting the flavors “the excellent harmony.” Almost everything performs together devoid of covering up any of the components. To finish it off, I toss alongside one another some crushed pistachios, added orange zest, a pinch of cardamom, and ending salt to include some further texture and flavor to every thing going on inside the cookie.

This slice and bake cookie recipe helps make the kind of uncomplicated and rustic cookies that I appreciate. They’re very little extravagant, but they even now sense so nostalgic for the period. The cookies get somewhat golden on the bottom, and if I do say so myself, taste even greater the following day.

In addition, the profit is that these are certainly slice and bake! I can promptly make the dough and wrap it up in wax paper to sit in the fridge overnight. Then I have freshly baked cookies at a moment’s notice. The dough is fundamental more than enough that you can totally customize your flavors, much too. Perhaps I’ll add some peppermint bark and drizzle on darkish chocolate to my slice and bake cookie recipe future time? The selections are limitless.

Although we’ll continue to keep some of these for ourselves to pack in a cookie box for our yearly community drive to glimpse at the lights—hot cocoa in a thermos and cookies for snacking is the ultimate tradition—we may well share these with Santa on Christmas Eve. I’m wanting forward to his evaluations.

Happy cookie baking, every person!

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