Review: The Dubai EDITION | Prince of Travel

Review: The Dubai EDITION | Prince of Travel

The Dubai EDITION opened its doors in November 2021 as a welcome addition to Marriott’s luxury portfolio in Dubai.

This boutique luxury property has an ideal location, situated in the bustling heart of Downtown Dubai and directly opposite from the Dubai Mall.

After some delightful encounters with the EDITION brand in the last few years, I couldn’t resist trying out the newly opened Dubai location during my recent trip to the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai EDITION – Booking

A night at The Dubai EDITION typically costs between 1,500–1,800 AED ($560–670 CAD). Rates are slightly higher during peak season in December at around 2,000 AED ($745 CAD), and during the summer season, when temperatures soar, the cost drops to around 900 AED ($335 CAD).

If you’re looking at a Marriott Bonvoy redemption, you’ll have to part ways with between 80,000–100,000 points per night for a stay here.

Due to the concurrent Formula One race in the UAE and the World Cup in Qatar that were happening during the time of my visit, cash rates were even higher than usual.

In lieu of paying the exorbitant cash rates, I opted to book on points and redeemed 82,500 Bonvoy points for a one-night stay. With our valuation of Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point (CAD), I was pleased with the value of my redemption against the astronomical cash prices.

It’s worth noting that The Dubai EDITION participates in Marriott STARS, which is Marriott’s preferred partner program. By booking the hotel through Marriott STARS with an authorized travel agent, you can receive additional benefits at the same rate you’d pay when booking directly with the hotel.

The Dubai EDITION – Location

The Dubai Edition has a prime location in the heart of Dubai, just off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and right at the doorstep of the Dubai Mall.

The immediate vicinity of the hotel is brimming with countless shops and restaurants, where you can indulge in food, drinks, and luxury goods.

The hotel is just a short distance from many of Dubai’s most famous attractions, which provides guests with easy access to sightseeing.

It’s a mere five-minute stroll from Dubai’s most famous building, the towering Burj Khalifa, and a leisurely 10-minute walk to the Dubai Fountain and the Dubai Aquarium.

Business travellers can get to the Financial District and the Dubai International Financial Centre in just five or 10 minutes by vehicle, respectively.

The Dubai EDITION is conveniently situated within 15 minutes of Dubai International Airport, whereas those travelling from Abu Dhabi International Airport have just over an hour’s journey by car.

The Dubai EDITION – Check-in

Upon my arrival at The Dubai EDITION, I encountered a rather subdued exterior, which is in stark contrast to the vibrant and opulent buildings of Dubai.

The building’s façade has bronze hues, a glass frontage, and stands at just 100 metres tall. While it pales in comparison to some of the towering buildings in the surrounding area, it’s propped up just enough to offer pristine views of the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai EDITION – Exterior
The Dubai EDITION – Vehicle entrance
The Dubai EDITION – Entrance

Stepping foot inside, you’re instantly transported to a captivating lobby.

Sandstone walls are illuminated with soft lighting and a dazzling crystal chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. Its grandeur is further accentuated by arched ceilings and a towering three-storey spiral staircase that instantly swept my gaze upward.

The Dubai EDITION – Lobby lounge
The Dubai EDITION – Lobby lounge

Cozy pockets of seating are dotted throughout the lobby, with plush sofas and armchairs surrounded by lush foliage and candles that create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The Dubai EDITION – Lobby lounge

As you enter the lobby, you’ll find the check-in desk to the left. Its sleek, stone-clad design is illuminated by the lights beneath, which creates a stunning effect.

The Dubai EDITION – Front desk

The associate warmly welcomed me as a Marriott Titanium member, and I was delighted to learn that I’d been proactively upgraded to a Superior Suite.

Naturally, I tried inquiring if a higher-tier Premier Suite might be available; however, due to the exceptionally busy weekend, my attempts to “suite-talk” my way into a further upgrade were unsuccessful.

After letting me know about the hotel’s amenities and dining venues, the associate assigned me to Room 524, and handed me the keys.

I ventured over to an opulent elevator lobby, where brass doors opened before me and transported me up to the fifth floor.

The Dubai EDITION – Elevators

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite

A long, polished hallway led me to my home for the night, at the very end of the corridor.

The Dubai EDITION – Fifth floor elevators
The Dubai EDITION – Hallway
The Dubai EDITION – Room 524

Upon entering the suite, I was greeted by a small foyer which leads to an inviting, walk-through style layout. The suite consists of a dining area, living area, and bedroom, all of which flow seamlessly together.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite foyer

The colour palette is a mix of neutral and organic hues. There are plush white furnishings, beige rugs, and natural linens accentuated with marble and bronze touches.

Stepping into the living area, a breakfast nook is tucked into the corner with a smooth, upholstered bench and wooden dining table. The table had been proactively set with a welcome note accompanied by some fresh fruit and four dainty macarons.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite breakfast nook
The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite breakfast nook

The living area is nicely appointed, and features a comfy sofa, an armchair, a beautiful marble-topped coffee table, and two petite ottomans. The furnishings are thoughtfully arranged for optimal views of the flat-screen TV and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite living room
The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite living room

At the back of the living room, two sliding doors open to reveal the bedroom, with the king bed right at centre stage. At the foot of the bed are a firm bench and a side table situated to its left.

The bedroom is rather small, but feels wonderfully tucked away rather than confined. The coziness is further elevated by EDITION’s signature faux fur blanket draped across the bed.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite bedroom
The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite bed

The curtain in the bedroom can be drawn open, revealing a large glass window that separates the bedroom from the bathroom. There’s also a spacious closet area in the back corner of the bedroom, near the entrance to the bathroom.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite closet

The bathroom keeps with the design of the rest of the suite, with sand-hued stone floors and walls complemented by wooden accents. The space fully channelled the modern minimalist design that the EDITION brand is known for.

There’s a single vanity with a lengthy countertop and an LED mirror.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite bathroom
The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite bathroom vanity

To its right is the shower, which shares the space with a free-standing bathtub.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite shower & bathtub

The bathroom was fitted with luxurious custom-made Le Labo amenities – another signature of EDITION hotels. Additionally, a fluffy and luxurious bathrobe was provided for added comfort.

On the left-hand side, there’s a bidet and a regular toilet tucked behind a frosted-glass door.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite toilet & bidet

A secondary half-bathroom is in the foyer, near the entrance of the suite, which has a toilet and a single sink.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite secondary bathroom

Also located in the foyer is the minibar, just off to the right, which is well-stocked with a coffee maker, a kettle, and a mini-fridge. A spacious luggage rack sits adjacent to the minibar, just outside of the living room.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite minibar
The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite luggage rack

This suite features a balcony that can be accessed from the living area, providing impressive views of the city. However, these views unfortunately don’t quite extend to the majestic Burj Khalifa, which, as I’d later learn, is situated on the other side of the building. 

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite balcony access
The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite balcony view

To make the most of the view, there’s a small table with seating for two and a cozy bench to its left for lounging.

The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite balcony
The Dubai EDITION – Superior Suite balcony

The Dubai EDITION – Deluxe Suite

I also had the opportunity to tour a few other room types – the Deluxe Suite, Premier Suite, and Penthouse Suite – during my stay at The Dubai EDITION.

The Deluxe Suite offers many of the same features as the Superior Suite, albeit in a slightly larger space and with a different arrangement.

This room features an open-concept living area and bedroom, divided by a central wall and a sliding door on the left.

The Dubai EDITION – Deluxe Suite living room

The living room is spacious, with a sofa and two armchairs. You’ll also find a breakfast nook here, tucked into the left-hand corner.

The Dubai EDITION – Deluxe Suite breakfast nook

The bedroom is also roomier than the Superior Suite’s, but is otherwise essentially identical in terms of design elements and furnishings.

The Dubai EDITION – Deluxe Suite bedroom

From the living room, you can access the Deluxe Suite’s balcony and take in breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa.

(Note that the Dubai EDITION’s Deluxe Room also offers similar views, even if it’s only a room, not a suite. This could be a potential reason to choose the Deluxe Room over, say, the Superior Suite that I stayed in if you’ve booked a base-level room and are considering your upgrade options.)

The Dubai EDITION – Deluxe Suite view

The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite

The Premier Suite is exceptionally spacious, with a bedroom and separate living and dining area, two bathrooms, and a kitchen.

The living area boasts a curved sofa and a full-sized dining table, complete with a bench and three chairs – a spacious upgrade from the previous rooms’ smaller breakfast nooks.

The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite living room
The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite living room
The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite dining table

There’s a stunning, fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, stove, dishwasher, and sink.

The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite kitchen

The bedroom is spacious, with a comfortable reading chair in the corner.

The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite bedroom
The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite bed

The balcony is accessible from the bedroom and living area, and offers sweeping views of both the city and Burj Khalifa.

The luxurious bathroom boasts a double vanity, a full-length mirror and a free-standing tub, all in one space. The toilet and shower are tucked away separately behind glass doors.

The Dubai EDITION – Premier Suite bathroom

The Dubai EDITION – Penthouse Suite

The presidential Penthouse Suite at The Dubai EDITION is an immaculate size. The living area alone is expansive, with three distinct seating areas.

The primary seating area features two full-length sofas, two armchairs and three ottomans. Just in front is seating for four, and then a dining table that can accommodate up to 10 people.

The Dubai EDITION – Penthouse Suite living room
The Dubai EDITION – Penthouse Suite dining room

The bedroom is equally as impressive in size, and features a king bed, two armchairs, and a desk.

The Dubai EDITION – Penthouse Suite bedroom

The bathroom is remarkably spacious, with a lengthy two-sink vanity and a standalone bathtub as the highlights.

The Dubai EDITION – Penthouse Suite bathroom

The balcony comes with its own dining area and an impressive seating area consisting of sofas, ottomans, and coffee tables extending all the way down to the bedroom. Of course, once again, you’ll also find sweeping views of the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai EDITION – Penthouse Suite view

Overall, the room types at the Dubai EDITION are exceptionally spacious and well-designed, coupled with beautiful minimalist and modern décor. I particularly enjoyed the walk-through style of the suites, which created a natural flow between the rooms.

In true EDITION fashion, the rooms exuded a minimalistic style, featuring lustrous oak panelling which creates a sophisticated and tranquil aesthetic.

I admit that I was slightly disappointed that I took the Superior Suite and didn’t opt for, say, a lower-tier Deluxe Room with smaller square footage but views of the Burj Khalifa instead.

After all, the Burj Khalifa views are one of the standout features that the hotel has to offer, and it’s very much something to keep in mind when making your decision on which room type to stay in.

The Dubai EDITION – Breakfast

Duomo is where breakfast is hosted, located in the hotel’s lobby.

The Dubai EDITION – Duomo entrance
The Dubai EDITION – Duomo indoor seating

Marriott Titanium or Platinum members are not entitled to complimentary breakfast at EDITION properties, so the best way to secure breakfast would be to book through either Marriott STARS or Virtuoso. Since I booked on points, breakfast wasn’t included on this particular stay. 

Breakfast is served à la carte alongside specialty coffee and fresh juices. The menu offers a range of items from pastries and tartines to various egg dishes and sweets.

(If breakfast is included in your room rate, there’s a separate set menu to choose from.)

It’s worth noting that the à la carte prices certainly aren’t cheap for what you’re getting. For breakfast, I opted for the eggs Benedict, which cost 65 AED ($25 CAD).

The Dubai EDITION – Eggs Benedict at Duomo

Although the price was steep, it was a satisfactory enough dish. However, I do think it’s worth booking a breakfast-inclusive rate, such as through Marriott STARS or Virtuoso, to fully experience the breakfast here without the exorbitant à la carte prices. 

The Dubai EDITION – Dining

The Duomo restaurant also offers all-day dining. The Italian-style restaurant is inspired by Piazza Del Duomo in Milan.

You can enjoy a delectable dining experience either inside or on the outdoor terrace, where you’re surrounded by lush foliage and trees.

The Dubai EDITION – Duomo indoor seating
The Dubai EDITION – Duomo indoor seating
The Dubai EDITION – Duomo outdoor seating

In the evenings, a unique light projection is displayed on the ceiling while you savour your meal, which changes every 15 minutes to provide an artistic ambiance.

Leon is an atmospheric speakeasy-style bar located just off of the hotel lobby. Its dark and sophisticated décor is complemented by plush seating, warm lighting, and bursts of vibrant colors, creating a distinct contrast to the rest of the hotel’s design.

The Dubai EDITION – Leon entrance
The Dubai EDITION – Leon bar
The Dubai EDITION – Leon seating

Thia Sky Lounge is an ideal spot to enjoy a refreshing drink or light snack while taking views of the Burj Khalifa. The poolside bar is located on the second floor of the hotel.

The Dubai EDITION – Thia Sky Lounge seating
The Dubai EDITION – Thia Sky Lounge seating
The Dubai EDITION – Thia Sky Lounge bar

Inti is the latest dining hotspot to join The Dubai EDITION. The restaurant offers a unique Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine – a style that I find is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai.

This establishment is located on the 23rd floor of the hotel, and features a beautiful terrace with a retractable roof that overlooks the iconic Burj Khalifa. Its wooden panels, Peruvian-inspired influences, and lush greenery provide a memorable atmosphere.

The Dubai EDITION – Views from Inti

I visited the restaurant in the evening to sample some of their dishes, and I was impressed with the flavour and quality. Of course, as you might expect, the dishes were definitely priced on the higher end.

The Dubai EDITION – Dinner at Inti
The Dubai EDITION – Dinner at Inti

The Dubai EDITION – Other Facilities

The 24-hour fitness centre has a bright, airy atmosphere and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment. You’ll find a variety of cardio, weight machines and free weights at your disposal.

The Dubai EDITION – Fitness centre
The Dubai EDITION – Fitness centre
The Dubai EDITION – Fitness centre

Wellbeings is the hotel’s in-house spa. The spa offers a range of pampering treatments, such as massages, facial treatments, and aromatherapy.

The Dubai EDITION – Wellbeings spa

Lastly, the hotel features a stunning outdoor infinity pool with commanding views of the Burj Khalifa. The surrounding terrace and cabanas of the Thia Sky Lounge make it an ideal spot for lounging and sipping on a cocktail or two.

The Dubai EDITION – Outdoor pool


The ultra-minimalist style of the Dubai EDITION may not be to everyone’s taste, especially in a city renowned for its over-the-top ostentatiousness.

Still, I was won over by my cozy but comfortable Superior Suite, the unique walk-through room layouts, and the impressive views.

Indeed, if you’re staying here, I highly recommend you prioritize a room or suite that faces the Burj Khalifa, which certainly counts as the hotel’s greatest asset. My failure to do so, with balcony views facing “only” the lights of Dubai Mall, was the sole regret of my stay. 

The dining venues at the EDITION are of high quality, though with higher-end prices to match. Unfortunately, EDITION hotels do not offer complimentary benefits such as breakfast for Marriott elite members, so bear this in mind when you’re planning a stay.

I’d recommend this hotel for anyone who’s looking for some of the best views of the Burj Khalifa you’ll find at any hotel in the area, and I hope to return in the future to experience those views for myself. 

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