Queering Hip Hop & Smashing System Expectations




Saucy Santana is a star. His expertise is plain and paired with his charisma and easy fashion he is indeed a person to look at. Santana is a rapper and Tv persona, formerly acknowledged as Santana On the Beat. Saucy Santana initial began looking at good results as a rapper in 2019 when he unveiled his strike tune “Walk Em Like A Dog” on Soundcloud and his sound without a doubt took off.

At the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, Saucy Santana commenced releasing bodies of work and scored many other viral hits like “Walk,” “Up & Down ft. Latto,” and “Material Girl.” With hit after hit right after hit, the Material Female is proving that he in truth has remaining electricity. And with all of this by now existing success, you can generally rely on people to add a tiny fatphobia in the combine for razzle dazzle.

The Material Lady Encounters Fatphobia

Saucy Santana is a dark skinned, curvy/thick, femme presenting rapper from Perry, Florida and observing him prosper in a style that is closely cishet male dominated, there’s bound to be critics. Recently, some naysayers have taken to social media to criticize the rapper and his body.

A new Twitter user reported: “If Santana dropped about 20-30 lbs ., he could genuinely be the following huge point.” Santana in his true design and temperament clapbacked stating there was no motive for him to shed excess weight when he is obtaining all his stardom and good results now – at this dimension.

Regretably, Santana isn’t the very first and won’t be the last general public determine, rapper, singer, or entertainer that will be told they do not have “the look” to be prosperous in the field or to be recognized. Fatphobia, which informs everything in society from splendor standards to employment, accessibility and over and above, has frequently formed people’s obtain to methods and attaining what ever dreams they may possibly have for themselves. 

Human body Augmentation & Funds

On social media, I have found Santana be referred to as anything from “bad built” to “Rick Ross in makeup” and at every single flip it gets a lot more apparent that another person like Saucy Santana ought to not be where by he is and his mere existence in Hip Hop spaces dominating a male genre and rapping together with his femme and gals friends is certainly, shaking the desk.

More than the previous two years, we’ve observed Santana share his journey with liposuction, not too long ago expressing he’s gearing up for an additional spherical. There are so quite a few techniques natural beauty requirements and the world’s fatphobia influence us to alter, mildew, and recreate our bodies to make them more palatable for those people all over us.

Beauty culture and thinness, which is inherently anti-Black, lands you a closer proximity to whiteness which lends somebody, like Saucy Santana, a lot more cash in an business that income on folks who search like him, hating on their own.

Daring, Homosexual, & Self-assured

Bodies like Santana’s really don’t get the chance to be found as sexy and quite, in the two heterosexual & queer areas. In a great globe, Saucy Santana wouldn’t feel the pressures to get lipo and would of course continue to often reserve the autonomy around his human body to do so if he chose. Saucy Santana is redefining rap not only in queerness, but also in overall body.

Saucy Santana is thriving in rap because he’s breaking molds and performing all the factors in his entire body and identities that he’s been explained to can’t be performed.

And honestly, we’re dwelling for it!

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