‘Most of the time its not the snake, but folks who have to have to be rescued’: Wildlife rescuers Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios



Likely by their professions, it may well seem like the worlds of Benhail Antao, an honorary wildlife warden with the Goa Forest Department’s wildlife rescue squad, and Louise Remedios, a wedding day planner, are poles aside. But, as it frequently turns out, destiny experienced other ideas. Pushed by their shared enthusiasm — a enjoy of the wildlife, primarily snakes — the duo fulfilled and strike it off right away. Nowadays, among them, they have rescued some of the wildest snake species in Goa, stories and driving-the-scenes of which they will be sharing on the Second Time of Snakes SOS: Goa’s Wildest which has premiered on National Geographic Channel.

In an exceptional e mail conversation with indianexpress.com, the duo talk about their shared passions, their rescue missions, their varied (individual) professions, the worth and have to have to teach the masses about wildlife, and also their journey alongside one another. Edited excerpts below.

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Notify us about yourself, and your existence journeys.

Benhail: When I was very younger, I utilised to see a ton of snakes remaining killed close to me mainly because people today had no other choice and they were terrified. Even my family members users ended up of the feeling that if you see a snake, you get rid of it, both equally out of fear and a lack of information and consciousness. But given that I was incredibly fascinated in wildlife, I sooner or later discovered how to catch snakes and relocate them, all-around the age of 12 and 13. Before long, word distribute throughout the village, and people today started calling me any time they noticed a snake. Then, right after I joined the forest section, I utilised to turn more than the snakes I experienced rescued, to them only to realise that they, too, experienced really number of persons who have been into rescuing at that time and that there was an overload. So, I commenced volunteering and helping the department, and it’s been 20 many years now. I was created an honorary wildlife warden. At the same time, I was finding out mechanical engineering, and then I joined and started out operating a marriage ceremony organizing organization with Louise — a little something that assisted satisfy our ends, and wildlife rescue continues to be a passion.

Louise: I’ve normally liked almost everything about wildlife, and in normal, I feel the potential to converse with animals applying nonverbal cues helps create one thing like trust is exclusive. Rely on, of program, is built at various degrees with diverse animals, since they all have distinctive intelligence stages. Snakes, for instance, are not particularly clever, other than for a king cobra. But just to see and notice Ben, who is equipped to quiet down the animal beautifully and efficiently by his entire body language has been incredibly fascinating for me. That for me, is the enthusiasm when we’re dealing with wild animals.

How did you both of those meet and establish shared passions?

Benhail: I have been undertaking recognition programmes for the previous 15 years. I go all around and elevate consciousness about snakes and wildlife, and how we really should coexist with them, and I talk about empathy. I satisfied Louise at just one this kind of programme at a 5-star assets where by she was performing at the time. I was termed by the lodge to train their staff on how to cope with different snake issues, and Louise was quite intrigued in snakes so that is how we satisfied. And ever considering that, our desire has blossomed into various other issues, and we got married later on.

Louise: I got really interested in his expertise because it was a lot more working experience-dependent understanding, and he was debunking a whole lot of myths that we considered. We followed every single other on social media, and then he summoned me for a rescue. Aside from becoming awesome and thrilling to be a part of his rescue, it was also thrilling for the reason that that’s when the sparks flew and issues commenced.

How did the transition from wedding ceremony planners to wildlife rescuers occur?

Louise: There’s no changeover as this sort of since we the two have individual task roles. Ben looks right after the generation and his do the job begins a very little later on, just after I confirm a wedding ceremony. After we program it, we give it to Ben to execute our thoughts. As these, we also get the job done at unique instances of the year and Ben is freer in the previously aspect of the year when he goes on rescue missions. I accompany him any time I get the time. But, I have had to sluggish down a tiny little bit in conditions of how much business enterprise I acquire now. So which is where wedding ceremony preparing ends and wildlife rescue begins. It’s a equilibrium and the two are absolutely unrelated.

The two professions are poles aside do you discover/put into practice the learnings from one particular to the other?

Benhail: Each individual individual is essentially exclusive, and anyone should be addressed incredibly in another way. It’s a small less complicated with human beings because we communicate with phrases with animals, it is extra clear-cut, and it is really straightforward if you know how to read system language. So, we’re both of those speaking with everybody, as if we’re rescuing 10 Cobras in a single working day, and each Cobra is exclusive. Mainly because every single specific behaves in different ways, the only similarity I see here is in between the fields, which are extremely distinctive.

Explain to us about the next sequence of the display, and in what means will it be distinct?

Louise: Time2 of Snakes SOS (just about every Thursday 8PM) has extra exceptional rescues. In time a single, we ended up just managing all over with a digital camera, dwelling and respiratory what we do as we didn’t know what to assume and was envisioned of us. But now, we have develop into a tiny bit a lot more mindful and even comfortable. So, it also happened to have wonderful diversity in conditions of the rescues. I assume even the issue level was phenomenal due to the fact there are some rescues that took us weeks. And it was fascinating as nothing at all that we considered of happened and then in the stop what the consequence was… nuts. I consider in Ben’s overall career of snake rescues, he’s hardly ever seen a rescue like that.

Benhail: Just one of the longest rescues in my existence when it comes to snakes occurred in the past year. It has in no way been as extended as this a single took and shooting in summertime warmth was not easy.

Benhail, you have been working with animals for about two many years now. What have been your most significant learnings?

My learnings have been two items, 1 is that when you have an animal in entrance of you, you will need to demonstrate that animal regard. Now, regard can be of two styles —  respect out of anxiety and respect out of admiration — but possibly is superior, as it can help you continue to keep your length. I notify individuals to regard animals, and that if you can regard them out of admiration and realise how gorgeous and one of a kind they are and how they serve their intent silently on this earth, is great.

Up coming, is producing consciousness. Since I have been rescuing for the final 20 a long time, I fully grasp the impact of awareness — which can be a game changer. That’s how the masses commence currently being informed and recognize that every single animal does not require to be rescued, and that the thought alone is quite skewed. So, my most important effort and hard work now after 20 years of becoming in this subject is to share consciousness. I also preach empathy so that we empathise with all living creatures. That is the only way ahead.

Also, considering the fact that you fully grasp the job substantially much better, ended up you not skeptical of Louise signing up for you?

Benhail: I was Louise constantly complains that I educate everybody else how to take care of venomous snakes and give them the encounter and exposure. Even though Louise does an wonderful job with animals, way superior than me, I do not want her to come everywhere shut to a venomous or a potentially harmful snake. Also, she experienced in the previous, bagged a venomous snake a lot more efficiently than me but there is a dread that an accident may well come about and she’s any person I appreciate so I really don’t want to be in this sort of a condition. As a great deal as I prepare the forest office and the many organisations, how to rescue snakes and venomous snakes, but still, I want Louise to keep absent from venomous snakes it is just my insecurity.

Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios. (Photo: PR handout)

Louise, what produced you be a part of him, and just after all these decades, what has been your greatest takeaway?

Louise: My motive guiding joining him is a lot more since of the fascination of developing trust with any animal. So, when I started to go out with Ben, the motivation was to see animal and human conduct, and how a individual can use nonverbal interaction, to create have confidence in and express that people are not a danger to them. And then you view the animal serene down and also believe in in return. What is my takeaway is that we have this wrong effect that we will need to domesticate animals, to choose absent all their wild, organic survival instincts, and make them dependent on us. This is not something that should really be encouraged. Every single animal is born totally free and meant to be free.

What goes into rescuing a snake?

Benhail: In my impression, once more, I experience in some cases snakes do not will need to be rescued. If it’s caught in a net, a well, or under somebody’s mattress and people want to destroy it, that’s when you need to have to rescue the snake. Most of the time it is not the snakes, but the men and women who need to have to be rescued. When we go on a rescue, we need to to start with tackle, rescue, and improve the attitude of people today. We rush there, make certain that nobody kills a snake, and no one will get bitten both. Following that, we have to have to take away the snake and relocate it in a healthy habitat which won’t be inconvenient to people today or the snake. That’s how a rescue works, and snake rescues are the most typical wildlife rescues that happen.

Louise: The 1st quite significant matter is to relaxed the persons down simply because out of dread the person can go and eliminate the snake. Of system, if the snake is menacing and inside of the residence, we send out somebody to assess if it is venomous or not. Most of the time it is a non-venomous snake, specifically in regions wherever there is a whole lot of greenery. Then we understand if a particular person is open up to chatting and then explain every thing about the snake to them and also that it is a lot more concerned of you than you are of it, and then how to behave when you see a snake, what to do and not to destroy these animals, due to the fact they all have an importance. We check out to launch the snake at a locale which us absent from people and is a known territory for the reptile as it would not know how to endure in an unknown territory.

You could have aced the artwork of rescuing wildlife animals, but how complicated is it to generate recognition among the people who may well uncover them selves in tricky scenarios involving wild animals?

Benhail: Men and women are really afraid and that’s one of my most important fears and problems, since I know that when men and women are terrified, they tend to do the improper matter — possibly eliminate the snake or get bitten by a snake, and in some way consider to shift away from the snake or try out to catch it. So, people are the primary concern. Like if we go to rescue a leopard who has fallen in a very well, there would be so many on-lookers who could could slide into the wel. So, controlling folks and their mentality at the rescue scenario is very, very essential. Preserving persons away, building positive that people are calm is the most important obstacle, due to the fact once you see an animal in distress, it is just one single animal and it is not a mob that demands rescue.

The animal does not know you are there to rescue it. It is definitely scared and traumatized and then you have people, which are fearful and traumatized again, introducing to the problems, so I would say the most important challenge for me is managing folks and then of system handling a stressed animal.

Have you confronted any unpredictable conditions that could have been dangerous to lifetime?

Benhail: Yeah, this happens a large amount of periods. For example, I went to a position the place a rescuer had caught a snake, and place it in a bag. He took time to do a excellent rescue, and there came a area [who asked] what is taking him so long. He took the bag, started off swinging it close to and tied a knot. The Russell viper snake, which was in the bag, little bit an onlooker. This is why you want to keep persons absent from the rescue web page at all occasions.

Louise: Just about every predicament is so diverse. I assume what’s crucial is to quiet you at a time when you see persons getting aggressive. Which is one thing that we consider to do, we consider to zone out from the crowd totally wherever folks are shouting or screaming or saying a thing. I’ll check out to zone out and just concentrate on what’s there in front of me. That is what Ben does as properly simply because that’s the only way to deal with it. And it is generally great to have some people about with you to tackle the group to stay clear of building the extra dangerous than it ought to be.

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