Molly Sims Says This New Microcurrent Device Really Makes a Difference in the Tightness of Her Skin



This week, I spoke to supermodel, podcast host and mom-of-three Molly Sims on behalf of her partnership with NuFACE, as the brand is launching next-level versions of its beloved, best-selling devices, Trinity+ and Mini+, which have been in the works for four years. There’s also a new app, which the brand describes as “a free, on-demand, virtual aesthetician at your fingertips to guide personalized, smart microcurrent skin-care regimens.” It’s paired via Bluetooth so you can do your toning and lifting anywhere you want. Another new feature is a “Boost” button, exclusively on the Trinity+, so you can kick things up another notch and get 25-percent more microcurrent power where you want it—for me, that’s my jawline and between my brows.

Here, Sims shares her microcurrent routine, the trending TikTok products that really work and more.

I know you’re a NuFACE devotee. Are you liking the new devices?

“I have had a relationship with them for many years and I really believe in the power of microcurrent. I love the new devices, and what you can do at home with them is unbelievable. They’ve created tiny machines that really do make a difference in the tone and tightness of your skin if you use them consistently. They’re also launching a smart technology app that lets you really get to know the devices, whichever one you use. They’re pretty amazing-quality tutorials, so instead of just winging it, you get real at-home facials. And being able to connect to bluetooth is pretty awesome.

I first learned about microcurrent through Georgia Louise, and whenever you can get in with an amazing aesthetician and have that supercharged facial once or twice a year, go for it. But, NuFACE has used that same technology in beautiful, sleek, travel-friendly miniature devices. You can’t beat this technology. Look, if there was a magic pill or magic wand for skin tightening and all that, we all would do it, but there’s not.”

What concerns are you aiming to treat with your device specifically?

“We could all use a little bit of an eyelift, so definitely around my eyes and brows. But for me, my favorite place to use it is on my cheekbones—suck in your cheeks, put that baby right there and go up toward the top of your ear. You can really tell a difference on one side of your face versus the other.”

What about in-office body treatments…are there any you like?

“I’ve done Emsculpt NEO—I’ll try anything, are you kidding me? I love it all! Listen, at the end of the day, it helps us feel better about ourselves and I love that.”

Have you tried NuFACE Body? They need an attachment for above the knees! 

“Not yet, but now I need to. Oh my gosh that would crush! I’d use it nine hours a day for a year. If I could only put some tape up there to lift it. But seriously, I need to use it on my arms—I hate the backs of my arms.”

What is the last TikTok beauty trend you tried that really worked?

“Something I tried from TikTok that really worked is K18. I think that product is fantastic. It’s one my secret weapons for my hair. I also think there’s something to the rice water trend for your hair. Another product that really works is Rodan + Fields Lash Boost.”

What about one that totally failed?

“That under-eye cream that is supposed to smooth your bags instantly. That didn’t work for me. I love the idea, and it worked like 75 percent, but the problem is that you can’t put anything on top of it or it will peel. I love my skin, but it’s not that great. You gotta have a little something on top.”

I really don’t know how you do it all with three kids. You always look energized and fun on social media. Tell me your secrets.

“Instagram isn’t real, let’s be honest. I probably had one of the hardest summers of my life, so thank you. I definitely put energy into trying to feel good and look good—I take care of myself. But I also have a lot of natural energy. For the most part, I’m a very positive person. I hate when celebrities say, ‘I just sleep a lot and drink a lot of water.’ You might, but you also do more. I am definitely one to keep my pulse on beauty and wellness treatments, and we’re learning about so many things right now, like peptides and spironolactone and metformin, herbs, mushrooms, and collagen. Look at where CBD was for the past 30 years and where it is now. Those little hippies were right. I do really try to follow through with these things. I’ll do intermittent fasting, I’ll do the Mediterranean diet, I’ll try it all. I really do try.

I’m also really happy with the fact that we’re seeing more of the collision of Eastern and Western medicine because I think things like acupuncture really do help. And with the mental health crisis that’s going on right now, I’m hoping that we can embrace that more and more as opposed to only doing things one way.”

What advice do you have for people who are struggling to find time to do these types of things for themselves?

“You have to. You literally have to calendar your own self in. As we all know, guilt isn’t real; it’s just what we tell ourselves. The better you feel about yourself, the better person you are; the better mom you are. You feel more prepared to take on the world. Like yesterday, I was like, ‘I want to go to summer camp. I want to be fed, I want to sleep. Put in me summer camp, OK? Send me to mom summer camp.”

I would totally go to your mom summer camp. Sign me up. 

“We’d crush it! I’d come to my own camp. I think it would be interesting because women want to learn more, and that’s something that’s been oddly, crazily successful about our podcast [Lipstick on the Rim]. We’re so inundated with information that it’s almost hard to learn and piece out about what would make you feel better: doing a vitality program, listening to experts. We talked about maybe next year taking our podcast on the road and going to different cities so people can come ask questions and hear from great experts.”