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As simple as its title, Mint Tea is simply a light-weight, refreshing and fragrant tea designed by brewing tea leaves with refreshing mint leaves. With or devoid of milk, this beverage functions marvel in calming the sensory organs and has quite a few other health advantages far too. Pudina Chai is also what it’s called in India. If you haven’t tried it but, I advise you do (follow the most straightforward recipe in this put up). I’m guaranteed it’s heading to be really challenging for you too, to keep away from this amazing tea once you have sipped on it.

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Additional on this Mint Tea

One of the most sought-just after and refreshing herbal teas not just in India, but the world – Mint Tea has been a section of our life for a prolonged, very long time. Incredibly few of these drinks get performed tremendous rapidly and without having any inconvenience ever. Ample causes for it to be preferred by masses across the world.

Start your day with it, sip on it even though performing, have it as a portion of your evening tea ritual or stop the day with this warm cuppa Pudina Tea – there’s almost nothing more soothing to the soul than what is also fondly acknowledged as Pudina Chai.

My initially experience of acquiring this tea was at a friend’s property. The Pudina Chai was designed by her mom and it was too fantastic. I nonetheless recall making the most of it totally. This was the very first time I had this tea and it was so good, that I wished much more. But I was also shy to request for a refill. So, I figured out a recipe for myself and now, I can brew a cup of Pudina Tea at my household whenever I want. Also, have as lots of cups as I wish to, unabashedly!

In India, a lot of men and women use clean mint leaves collectively with components like cardamom, cinnamon, or ginger. Other than this, the addition of lemongrass, crushed cloves, and fennel seeds tends to make it a extra flavorful tea blend. This tea is best loved when served very hot and with biscuits/cookies or some treats like pakora, samosa, sandwich, or cutlet by the facet.

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Overall health Gains of Mint Tea

Pudina Chai is brimming with well being advantages as both of those mint leaves and the blend of mint with tea are independently known for their diet concentrations. Some of the regarded positive aspects are:

  • Eases bloating, indigestion, and other digestive troubles
  • Very good for aid from migraines and complications

  • Allows in freshening breath

  • Boosts electricity stages

  • Brings reduction during colds, coughs, and menstrual cramps

  • Will help strengthen snooze

In addition to these, organic herbs like mint, tulsi, lemongrass, etc. are wonderful and have time and once more been picked elements for excess weight management and detoxing reasons as nicely. These can be easily utilised in getting ready a range of teas or tisanes on a day-to-day foundation. Mint Tea Variants


Mint Tea can be regarded as pretty much a Diy recipe as 1 can incorporate and subtract flavorings, spices, and herbs in the recipe as for every their choices. The underlining theory of this beverage is that it is meant to interesting, refreshed, and rejuvenate your process and quiet your senses. Also, will get manufactured inside of minutes. Men and women do attempt a great deal of mixtures in which Mint Tea or Pudina Tea is anxious.

Below are some of the Mint Tea sorts or variants that are well-known and effectively-recognized by persons all-around the earth.

  • Moroccan Mint Tea
  • Apple Mint Tea
  • Lemon Mint Tea
  • Ginger Mint Tea
  • Lemongrass Mint Tea
  • Chocolate Mint Tea

Skilled Suggestions

  1. You can put together this tea with tea bags or tea leaves too. When making use of possibly tea leaves or tea luggage, very first boil water with the mint leaves for 3 to 4 minutes or extra. Turn off the burner. Insert the tea leaves or dip the tea bags in the warm drinking water. Steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Optionally include sugar and hot milk. Stir and provide.
  2. The addition of milk is a particular decision. The quantity can differ as some folks like far more milk and some want a lot less. The similar goes for sugar far too.
  3. Instead of sugar, other sweeteners like palm sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup, and jaggery can also be made use of. I have created tea and additional jaggery. I ought to say, I appreciated the jaggery-sweetened tea with out milk.


Is it essential to include milk in this tea?

No, it is not necessary to add milk in this tea. You can incorporate or skip including milk according to your own selection.

Is Mint Tea very good for wellbeing?

Certainly, it is a good beverage for overall health as it has a ton of gains. Some of the added benefits are mentioned above in the put up.

How do you make a excellent Mint Tea?

The vital to building a fantastic Mint Tea is that you ought to enable the mint leaves boil in the drinking water until flavor and aroma infuses perfectly into the drinking water. The coloration of the h2o need to get started turning environmentally friendly.

Can I increase spices to this tea?

Sure, you can incorporate spices too. Nonetheless, the a lot more you continue to keep it straightforward, the a lot more you will be in a position to delight in the flavor of the mint by itself.

What are the other herbs and spices that I can add to this Mint Tea?

You can insert lemongrass, crushed ginger, cardamom powder, etc. to this tea.


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