LGBTQ+ Couples Share Their Engagement Rings




Just like with all of the other little bridal details to consider, the options for engagement rings for LBGTQ+ couples are endless. When it comes to exchanging vows, there are no set rules about the jewelry that comes with the declaration of love. Some couples gift each other rings upon proposal, while others handpick their stones and bands together, ordering them from the same company or boutique, so there’s less of a surprise but lots of room for personalization. Many people also have partners that don’t like to wear jewelry at all. In appreciating the stories from the couples ahead, you may be inspired to come up with a fresh idea of your own or recreate one of their jewelry selections.

Peloton instructor Jess King and her partner, Sophia Urista, both chose moissanites, designed in different yet meaningful styles. Lifestyle blogger Allie Conway secretly hacked onto her wife’s Etsy account to find out what designs she had been saving, while fashion editor Bobby Schuessler and his partner, Robbie, knew from the start they wanted something classic and timeless, thereby vowing to go on all ring hunts together. Meanwhile, digital creators Aditya Madiraju and Amit Shah sealed the deal with Cartier Love rings during their Indian ceremony one year after their nuptials at city hall.

Scroll through to find a roundup of beautiful engagement rings from LGBTQ+ couples, and drop me a line if you’re interested in sharing your own original story.


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