Kourtney Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Shares Her Secret to Makeup That Won’t Budge

Kourtney Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Shares Her Secret to Makeup That Won’t Budge


For eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, it has been quite a big year. Since getting engaged to Travis Barker in October, the couple has shared three separate wedding extravaganzas, but the celebration that gained the most attention, of course, was the luxurious wedding ceremony both families attended in Portofino, Italy. Though Kourtney’s custom Dolce and Gabbana gown was indeed a show-stopper, her effortless yet glam makeup was not to be overlooked. Over the weekend, Kardashian posted an Instagram story with a link to a tell-all from her makeup artist with all the tips and tricks she used to keep Kourt glowing all night long.

According to makeup artist, Leah Darcy, the vibe for Kourtney’s romantic, Italian celebration was “simple and timeless.” Darcy wanted to keep the products lightweight and breathable, “just enough to look flawless in photos.” But, the real secret to creating a look that can handle hours of dancing, fun and photography is “Waterproof everything. Mascara, lipstick, and even brows”, the celeb MUA tells Poosh. She recommends Make Up Forever’s line of waterproof products: “They’re super long-lasting.”

Another tip Darcy suggests for keeping your look fresh during a long event is to always keep a small bag of beauty necessities on hand. “Pressed powder, lip liner, lip gloss, Q-tips, tissue, blotting papers, toothpicks, mints, and a mascara spoolie” should do the trick, Darcy says.

Darcy also shares that a big part of ensuring a flawless and effortless look for your special day is handling your skin care appropriately in the weeks leading up to the event. “Make sure to do all of your stronger skin treatments (lasers, peels, etc) at least two weeks before your wedding day to allow your skin to heal and purge any impurities or breakouts, and avoid trying out any new skincare products or treatments close to wedding day, especially if you have sensitive skin, as it may cause breakouts.”

Darcy’s final hack for prepping the skin for a day of glam is fairly simple. “I like to keep a bucket of ice (made from purified water preferably) and a clean, damp washcloth to help depuff and cool off the skin prior to skin prep.” She also says this often helps to ease nerves and wedding day jitters.

Though it’s easy to think that our favorite celebs wake up looking as flawless as we see them on Instagram, Darcy’s extensive tips for ensuring a long-lasting, perfect look show us all that makeup tips and tricks are useful for everyone: we can all glow like Kourt, we just need some waterproof mascara and an ice bucket!