Interview: Hailey Bieber Launches Rhode With 3 Skin-Care Products — See Photos




The treatment comes in a plain, unscented and flavorless iteration (perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or perpetually chapped lips), plus watermelon and salted caramel iterations (both of which, I can personally attest, are not too sweet and actually quite tasty). 

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Though three products might not seem like a lot in the endless span of options within the beauty industry, Bieber has big plans. First? Build on the skin-care offerings. Then? Color cosmetics… eventually: “But when I do color, I want it to be scaled back… the best version of every makeup product that I enjoy.” Think soft eyebrow pencils and multi-use cheek stains. 

Body products are on the table, too. “We would love to expand into sun care, body care, all of those things. Eventually. When I decide to have kids and get pregnant, I would love to do, like, belly balm.” In summary, Bieber aims to take the products that are most relevant to her and create what she considers the perfect iteration of each one. 

Beyond that? “I look at Rhode not just as a beauty brand… I want to expand into a beauty media platform where creators can create content, share content, buy things, sell things,” she says. “I [want to] build a community platform for the beauty industry.”


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